Cocos-BCX Monthly Report- September 2020


Core Technology Progress:Cocos-BCX MainNet was updated to V1.1.6.

Important Release:MainNet block height exceeded 12 million.

Ecosystem Related Development:Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem launches CROSWAP platform and two mining projects

Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels:Announced the list of the fourth batch of ecological Builders&Angels

AMA Topic Activities:Shared and discussed 5 hot topics in communities

Online Activities:Conducted a total of 2 community activities in communities

Offline Activities:​Team members share opinions in Xiamen and Hainan

Media Reports:1 brief news

01 Technology Progress

1.1) Chain Technology

  • Updated MainNet deployment to v1.1.6, completed data compatibility and function test report, output test report;
  • Added contract interface get_nft_asset to get NFT data;
  • Added cli_wallet api interface get_world_view to get worldview data;
  • Reviewed and merged pull request #114 from external contributors to the master branch of the cocos-MainNet code base;
  • Updated testnet deployment to v1.1.9, completed data compatibility and function test report, output test report;
  • Added interface get_world_view on the testnet to get worldview data;
  • Updated the readme document on testnet and optimized the document description;
  • Filed MainNet docker optimization research and testing;
  • Updated JS-SDK;

1.2) Cocos NFT

  • NFT assets standardized displayed research design, standardized displayed of all owner assets of NFT;
  • Updated Terminal browser and displayed all owner assets of NFT;
  • Updated Android and IOS wallet and displayed all owner assets of NFT.

1.3) Cocos-BCX Official Website

  • Added DeFi section

1.4) Cocos-BCX Technical English Document

  • Completed the frequent questions FAQ document description;
  • Completed the operation and maintenance guide exchange and cli_wallet document description;
  • Completed the operation and maintenance guide How to register as a BP or board member document description;
  • Built Cocos-BCX technical English document sub-documents and development documents;
  • Completed the entry guide for contract programming and API documentation;
  • Completed contract programming transfer cases and contract deployment instructions on the chain

02 Important Release

On September 7th, according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain browser, the block height of the next-generation game digital economy platform Cocos-BCX exceeded 12 million. Click me to read

03 Ecosystem Related Development

3.1)On September 22nd, Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological product CROSWAP was officially launched.

Official website:

3.2)On September 22nd,Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological liquidity mining project Cocos Financial Share (CFS) was launched.

Official website:

3.3)On September 22nd,the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological liquidity mining project 36K (KKKK) was launched.

Official website:

The above DeFi eco-products are all developed by COCOS ecological Builders&Angels.Please remember investment is risky, so be careful.

04 Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels

4.1)List of the fourth batch of ecological Builders&Angels announced

On September 4th,the list of the fourth batch of ecological Builders&Angels selected for the Cocos-BCX MainNet was announced. They are games: Unseen Magic, tools: SWFT Blockchain, community: Cocos-BCX FRANCE and Cocos-BCX Filipino, and content: Cocos-BCX Bharatin.Click me to read


On September 22nd,CROSWAP, invested and technically supported by the Cocos-BCX Foundation, is the first AMM decentralized Token exchange platform on Cocos-BCX and the first application that combines DeFi and NFT on Cocos-BCX officially launched;

CROSWAP proposed the first liquidity certificate NFT program in the whole chain;

CROSWAP supports currency exchange for created transaction pairs;

POOL supports liquidity injection or redemption of created trading pairs, and the creation of new trading pairs;

Token information graph: Displays the price, number of transactions, transaction amount, liquidity, transaction records and other information of a certain trading pair;

Browser: Display global data of CROSWAP, including transaction number, transaction amount, liquidity, and information of all transaction pairs.

4.3) CFS

On September 22nd,Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem’s first liquid mining project, Cocos Financial Share (CFS), was launched, and it also launched the COCOS leveraged mortgage mining function;

From September 23nd to September 28th ,launched LP pledge mining, random pull function, pledge CFS dividend function;

On September 28th,added the development of voting governance function (in progress);

On September 29th,CFS cut production for the first time

4.4) 36K

On September 21st,the 36K official website was officially launched, and the first 36K NFT pre-sale channels were opened;

On September 22nd,the first batch of 36K NFT pre-sales ended and KKKK began to be produced. At the same time, the COCOS-KKKK trading pair was created on CROSWAP; the first phase of pledged COCOS mining activities was started; the one-click coin issuance function was launched; the official website domain name was upgraded to;

On September 23rd,the first phase of pledged COCOS mining ended;

On September 25th,the second batch of 36K NFT purchase channels was opened; the second phase of pledged COCOS mining activities was started; KKKK pledged mining, KKKK liquidity mining, and LWT liquidity mining were launched;

On September 26th,it was monitored that some accounts carried out “dust attacks” on liquid mining contracts, repaired contract vulnerabilities, and reported the situation to the official COCOS community

4.5)Cocoa Tribe

Cocos-BCX Ecological DeFi+NFT project CROSWAP has passed the security audit of Knownsec

Cocos-BCX Ecological DeFi +NFT project CFS dividend function is online

Cocos-BCX public chain DeFi project series mining tutorials

4.6)Cocos-BCX. Sri Lankan

On September 11th,the Sri Lankan community of Cocos-BCX issued an article introducing that the main goal of Cocos-BCX is to transfer the traditional game format to the blockchain without any technical effort.

05 AMA Topics Activities

5.1)On the evening of September 18th, (UTC+8) in the Cocos-BCX Chinese WeChat community, the topic of “Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosysnched. The guests invited this time include: Cocos-BCX global technical contributor Reed, CROSWAP project leader Taizhou Luo,TokenPocket Co-founder and CTO Da Chen and DAPPX CEO Ralph Cai.Click me to read

5.2)On the evening of September 23rd,the “Cocos-BCX DeFi Ecoystem-First show of Online Projects”theme discussion activity was launched in the Cocos-BCX Chinese WeChat community. The guests we invited this time include: Cocos-BCX global community contributor Alvin, Cocos-BCX global technical contributor Reed, DAPPX CEO Ralph Cai, CFS project leader Handsome, 36K project leader TZ and IMCOCOS!Click me to read.

5.3)On September 25th(UTC+8), Cocos-BCX Co-founder Haozhi Chen and COCOS technical contributor Reed Hong will be guests on the “Mars Video Livechat” and bring “Why NFT?” Decrypt the Explosive Genes of Popular Projects theme sharing! Click me to read

5.4)On September 12th, Cocos-BCX Co-founder Haozhi Chen attended the online exchange and sharing meeting held by BiYong-”China-Korea Blockchain Week” to discuss with everyone how to grasp the current and future development trends of game public chains in the context of the big market. To promote the healthy development of the project.Click me to read

5.5)On September 15th, Cocos-BCX Co-founder Richard Yang was invited to participate in the China-UK Blockchain Online Meeting “PG Connects Helsinki & Blockchain Gamer LIVE” hosted by to participate in the roundtable discussion on “NFTs-from Flipping to True Value” !Click me to read

06 Online Activity

6.1)From September 15th to September 17th (UTC+8), forward and like Cocos-BCX official Twitter+follow +@three friends, you can participate in the lucky draw.Click me to read

6.2)From September 15th to September 17th (UTC+8), join the Cocos-BCX official English telegram group, and forward the Cocos-BCX official top Twitter to any active group. The first 50 participants will be rewarded with 1000 COCOS. Click me to read

07 Offline Activity

7.1) On September 20th, Cocos-BCX Co-founder Haozhi Chen participated in the “Together for Entrepreneurs Conference” hosted by Golden Finance and co-organized by Alibaba Cloud. Under the theme of “Contribute to Blockchain Entrepreneurship”, Haozhi. Chen shared Cocos-BCX as a leader of game project and his views on the current hot spots-DeFi and NFT.Click me to read

7.2) On September 5th, Cocos-BCX technical contributor Reed made a NFT-themed sharing at the 2020 CHAINSIGHTS Global Blockchain and Digital Finance Summit. Reed said that the current blockchain industry lacks good application scenarios, so that NFT lacks asset targets that are conducive to circulation. Click me to read

ComBkex #NFT Who will ignite the market?

Above content is the Cocos-BCX monthly report in September 2020. If you have any comments or suggestions on the content of the monthly report, please feel free. to leave a message through the official channels of Cocos-BCX or join our TG community ( )and contact Alannah (Telegram ID:alannahgoo)to give feedback.

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