Cocos-BCX NFT Mining 2.0 is ready to start,Minting NFT by COCOS with updated gameplays

During the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, the next-generation gaming digital economy platform Cocos-BCX has launched a series of NFT-related beneficial activities such as NFT Five Fortunes collection bonus pool,NFT Blindbox opening, NFT Mining,Whitelist Positions Airdrops and Online Referral Program etc.,also reached cooperation with BSC,DEGO,Math Wallet etc. to together promote activities.

Participants have not only been very pleased with NFT benefits , but also in the collection acitivity of all five Five Fortunes NFTs, total 9 players evenly divided 8000 COCOS, and every winner received 888.88 COCOS.

Besides above, the NFT obtained from the blind boxes can be used for mining or traded directly. According to Treasureland NFT Market’s transaction records, the highest transaction price of COCOS NFT with the highest level is 12 BNB.

On April 8th, Cocos-BCX NFT Mining 2.0 is ready to start,with upgraded gameplay of COCOS Mining NFT. Please follow the tutorial below to participate in NFT Minting.

COCOS NFT Minting(also called casting) Tutorial:

1)Enter COCOS World,Click【NFTCast】Module;

2)Click【Casting NFT】Button,Choose【NFT】(Set Key Blade NFT as an example) and Click【Casting NFT】again;

3) Click [Casting COCOS] button is required before casting for authorization;

4) After the authorization is completed, enter the amount of COCOS added for casting according to the COCOS face value limit, and click [Casting NFT] again to complete the casting;

5) After casting is completed, the interface of [Casting Success] will pop up;

6)Minted(also called casted) NFT can be checked by clicking on [My NFT] button in COCOS World

NFT Minting(also called casting) and Mining rules:

  • Minting(also called casting) of NFT needs to consume COCOS on BSC chain, so please add COCOS on BSC network, details as follows:

Contract address: 0xAb301DaE71f5B386C566f484e636Aee60318F12F

Currency symbol: COCOS

Decimal precision: 18

  • Minting(also called casting) of NFT needs to consume 1 COCOS on BSC chain and pledge a certain amount of COCOS as the nominal value of NFT
  • Since the Minting(also called casting) of NFT, the pledged COCOS can be decomposed into the same amount after 30 days
  • Minting grade will be selected randomly: LV1-LV6

The specific types, grades and nominal values ​​of casting NFTs are as follows:

  • The minted NFT can be used for mining for two weeks, and the details are subject to coming up announcements.
  • The BNB handling fee is generated during the NFT mining and Minting(also called casting) process .This fee is charged by the BSC chain and has nothing to do with Cocos-BCX.
  • NFTs collected during the Chinese New Year can also be used for this mining;
  • NFT minting(also called casting) will be open for a long time, and the nominal value of NFT will be valid for quite a while, final details are depending on the NFT gameplay of each period;
  • The minted NFT nominal value will affect the computing power and ultimately affect the income generated by mining;
  • In the later period, the Cocos-BCX official will open the teams game to manually mint(also called cast) 8 heroes for subsequent team mining, and the captain of each team will get more revenue;
  • The minted NFT heroes will be able to be auctioned and traded in Treasureland NFT Markets in the future. The specific gameplay is subject to specific articles, and these will be launched one by one.
  • As market is risky, please be cautious.
  • Cocos-BCX reserves the right of final interpretation.

If you have any questions about COCOS NFT minting(also called casting), please consult in our official telegram groups

Bananatok : (no VPN required)

Telegram (Chinese):

Telegram (English):



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