Cocos-BCX NFT Mining Pool Launched Today. The Total Staked Amount Exceeds 6 Million Dollars

At 6:00 EST, April 30th, a new team mining pool of Cocos-BCX kicked off officially. The total staked amount exceeds 6 million. The pool will last 1 year with dividends of 120,000 COCOS tokens per month.

Recently, the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX cooperated with DEGO Finance. 8 limited COCOS NFT heroes were auctioned in DEGO’s NFT market platform Treasureland. After the auction, owners of 8 NFT heroes are qualified to create teams. They will gain more dividends in the event.

Cocos-BCX launched a Chinese New Year event in 2021. To keep up with the current trend, Cocos-BCX chose to develop a gaming ecosystem on the most actively used chain — Ethereum. Cocos gives priority to the Binance Smart Chain ecology, building up the blockchain gaming industry.

Since the Spring Festival, Cocos-BCX has partnered with programs including Binance Smart Chain, DEGO, Math Wallet, and so forth. It launched various gameplays including but not limited to NFT blind box, Five Fortunes NFT Heroes, NFT mining, and NFT airdrop. NFT hero mining today is also one of the gameplay above.

In addition, Cocos-BCX recently announced that the mainnet will be closed at the end of June. It will invest more funds and effort in the research and development of NFT and Layer 2 products. It has suspended the income policy of mainnet node and Cocos-BCX Council on April 28.

After closing Cocos-BCX’s mainnet, operations of the relevant mainnet assets will not be available for users. Therefore, Cocos-BCX advises all to migrate the mainnet assets within two months. Operations include depositing assets to Binance and other exchanges that support COCOS deposit and withdrawal. And users should opt to BEP20 (BSC) or ERC20 (ETH) for withdrawal based on the chain of tokens.

Cocos-BCX will continue developing more products as feedback to all partners who support Cocos-BCX.

Currently, a new Layer 2 game of Cocos-BCX is in a closed beta test period.

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