Cocos-BCX Offers 50,000 Allow Listing positions!Time for NFT Blind Box!

Recently, in the “2020 Summary and 2021 Outlook” AMA held by the Telegram community, Amanda, the head of Cocos-BCX operations, revealed that Cocos-BCX will embrace the Ethereum ecosystem in 2021, which is what we decided to do a long time ago .

After recent months of research and development progress, Binance Smart Chain is the most dynamic Ethereum side chain. Cocos-BCX will first build NFT as the main cooperation content in BSC, and build NFT+DeFi+Blockchain games ecology in BSC, combined with blind boxes, mining, airdrops and other forms to facilitate the flow and interconnection of assets in multiple fields.

When the Year of the Ox arrives, we will launch a more interesting product to celebrate the new year. This product will combine NFT, blind box, mining, airdrop and other forms. Before the product goes live, we open up 50,000 whitelists, and give priority to allowing community users who have been following Cocos-BCX to join the whitelist and try the first wave of “crabs”.

Just follow the following rules and complete the task to be added to the whitelist, limited to 50,000 places. Becoming a whitelisted user can get an opportunity to open a blind NFT box, participate in the sharing of COCOS, collect Five Fortune NFT, collect bull NFT, and NFT mining. As long as you are a whitelisted user, you can get it for free!

I. Open NFT blind box, collect Five Fortunes NFT, mining activity time:

  • Become a “Whitelist User” Time: January 22nd, 2021 12:00 AM-January 28th, 2021 20:00 AM(UTC)
  • Collect “Five Fortunes NFT” Time: January 28th, 2021 12:00 AM-February 7th, 2021 10:00 AM(UTC)
  • Collect “Bull Bull Series NFT” Time: January 28th, 2021 t 12:00 AM(UTC), and specific notification will be made after the end time

II. Become a whitelist user rules:

Search for the robot “cocos_bcx_robot” in Telegram, and follow the instructions of the robot to complete the following steps to enter the whitelist.

First: Follow @CocosBCX official Twitter;

Second: Retweet@CocosBCX Official Twitter Pinned Tweet;

Third: Join Cocos-BCX Official Telegram EN group;

Fourth: Subscribe Cocos-BCX News channel;

Fifth: Register BSC address (BSC address creation tutorial:

Sixth: Get a personal sharing link (sharing a personal invitation link, the top 10 addresses with the most invitations will get an LV6 NFT).

III. Activity description:

  • NFT blind box is expected to open on January 28th;
  • At present, in the entire blind box airdrop, NFT types are divided into “Five Fortunes NFT” or “Bull Bull Series NFT”;
  • Users can become a whitelisted user in advance by completing the above tasks and get an opportunity to open the blind box;
  • Open the blind box to get one each of “Five Fortunes NFT” or “Bull Bull Series NFT”.COCOS is cast in the NFT and subsequent mining can be carried out, or the bonus pool can be divided by collecting the Five Fortunes NFT.
  • After the Five Fortunes NFT are collected, they will be eligible to share the bonus pool. After the bonus pool is divided, the Five Fortunes NFT will be consumed;
  • The level of “Bull Bull Series NFT” is gradually increased from LV1 to LV6;
  • The level of Five Fortunes NFT is LV1;
  • A BSC address corresponds to a whitelist, and a whitelist can only get one opportunity to open the blind box NFT;
  • NFT is in units.

IV. NFT equity description:

  • NFT can be used to mine COCOS (in the future, 50k USDT equivalent COCOS will be put in for mining);
  • NFT can be used in the Five fortune NFT activities to share the prize pool (big prize pool, NFT with the character of Fortune);
  • NFT can be traded on platforms such as Treasureland etc.;
  • NFT can be decomposed into COCOS;
  • NFT will migrate as COCOS cross-chain and will enjoy benefits on all chains;
  • NFT will be pledged to obtain full platform income;

Airdrops on Twitter :

  • Repost the pinned tweet on Twitter + @ Two friends in crypto circle, random 3 people will be selected for 10 COCOS rewards;
  • Post this event poster to a telegram group (Cocos-BCX groups are excluded) with more than 500 users, message screenshots to Twitter official account @CocosBCX, and random 30 people will be selected for 7 COCOS rewards;
  • Activity time: January 22nd, 2021 12:00 AM-January 28th, 2021 20:00 AM(UTC).

V. Links

Cocos-BCX Twitter:
Telegram (EN):
BSC address creation tutorial:

If you have any questions, please contact WeChat Amanda (ID:amd1880) or Telegram (ID:cocos_amd).

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