Cocos-BCX “Open NFT blind box, collect five fortunes, and NFT mining” campaign officially launches

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Recently, we have announced that on the occasion of the new year, in order to better participate in the construction of the blockchain game ecosystem, Cocos-BCX plans to embrace the most prosperous Ethereum ecosystem in the current blockchain game ecosystem, and firstly to reach a cooperation with Binance Smart Chain. We will launch an interesting product to celebrate the New Year, which will combine NFT, blind box, mining, airdrop and other forms. And before the product goes live, we open up 50,000 whitelists, and give priority to our community users who have been following Cocos-BCX to join the whitelist first.

As of the time of posting, the event was on to the fourth day. The total number of participants was 106,590, and the number of successfully registered BSC address users was 31,235. Among them, users who shared the invitation link were invited up to 1,351.

In order to better promote ecological development and expand the influence of Cocos-BCX, we are now launching a promoter program for all users. We hope that everyone can participate actively and contribute to the Cocos-BCX that we love together.

I.How to become a promoter:

1)Enter 【COCOS World】Click【Connect Wallet】,we recommend participants to use MetaMask Wallet(How to download:Enter MetaMask Main Page【Download now】-Click【Install MetaMask for Chrome】-Click【add to Chrome】-Click【Add extension】-Click【Start to use】-at the end, import or create a wallet.

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2)After connect your wallet successfully ,Click【Promoter】Module

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3)Enter your user name

User name creation rules:

  • Must be unique
  • Letters can only be lowercase;
  • Not just numbers;
  • Do not start with 0x;
  • The name must be at least 1 character;
  • The maximum length is 32 characters;
  • Allowed characters: a-z, 0–9;
  • No modification after submission.

4)Copy Invitation Link and share

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5)After the promotion is successful, the commission obtained will be displayed on this page. If you want to withdraw, click the [Withdraw Now] button to withdraw.

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II.Promotional member invitation programme:

1) Users can get their own exclusive invitation code through purchase. The initial price is 1 BNB. For every 100 invitation codes sold, the price will be increased by 1 BNB. For example, the 1–100th invitation code is 1 BNB, and the 101st invitation code is 2 BNB, and so on;

2) The user who enters through the invitation code link and logs in to the wallet will be permanently bound, and can obtain 7% of the total income of the inviting user on the COCOS platform and 3% of the income of the user inviting new users.

For example, A invites user B and user B invites user C, then user A receives 7% of user B’s income and 3% of user C’s income.

3) At present, the Cocos-BCX promoter program has been supported by Maizi Wallet, and more wallets are being negotiated;

4) Becoming a promoter needs to consume BNB, so you need to ensure that BNB is stored in the bound wallet;

Important timeline of COCOS World:

1) The promoter plan will be officially launched at 6 AM on January 25th, 2021,(UTC), and it will be effective for long;

2) The whitelist event will end at 5:59 AM on January 28th,2021(UTC) .

3) Rules for joining whitelist :

Search for the robot “cocos_bcx_robot” in Telegram, and follow the robot’s instructions to complete the following steps to enter the whitelist.

  • Follow @CocosBCX official Twitter;
  • Repost @CocosBCX official pinned Twitter event;
  • Enter the official English Telegram group of Cocos-BCX(Link as follow:;
  • Subscribe to the Cocos-BCX News channel(Link as follow:;
  • Register the BSC address (BSC address creation tutorial:;
  • Get a unique personal sharing link (sharing your personal invitation link, the top 10 addresses with the most invitations will get an up to level 6 NFT).

4) The whitelist is limited to the first 50,000 valid users;

5) At 6:00 AM on January 28th,2021,(UTC) ,whitelist users will officially open the blind box NFT;

6) At 12 PM on February 7th, 2021 (UTC), the five fortune prize pool will be shared;

7) NFT mining will start at 12:30 PM on February 7th,2021(UTC) ;

III.Related Links

Cocos-BCX Twitter:

Telegram (EN):

Bananatok: (no VPN required)

Cocos-BCX global News channel:

Robot address:

BSC address creation tutorial:

If you have any questions about any content above, please contact Telegram Amanda (@cocos_amd) or Telegram Coke (@cocos_cola).

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