Cocos-BCX team mining dividends officially starts, by staking NFT or COCOS can participate in dividends

At 12:00 on April 30th (UTC), the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX has started the team mining dividends. All users participating in the mining can jointly share 120,000 COCOS every month.

Cocos-BCX team mining is composed of hero NFT holders, various other NFT stakers, and COCOS stakers. That is, through the hero NFT holder to create a team to become the captain, other users can choose a team to join the mining by casting and staking NFT or directly staking COCOS.

At present, all 8 teams have been set up. Users can choose a team for pledge mining before the official dividend at 12:00 on April 30 (UTC).

There are two ways for users to participate in stake mining:

Method 1: Cast and stake NFT, the staked COCOS can be decomposed into the same quantity of COCOS after 30 days (at the end of the 30-day period, the NFT will still exist and the user can decide to keep it or decompose it to obtain the injected COCOS).

Method 2: Directly stake COCOS. The staked COCOS can be deposited and withdrawn at any time.

The difference between the above two methods:

1. Dividend efficiency is different: Dividends Rewarding Efficiency is calculated based on the user’s staked power, the higher the power is, the higher the proportion of dividends is.

1 COCOS = 1 Power, NFT Power = COCOS Par Value * Mining Efficiency.So it is relatively more efficient to pledge NFT.

2. The COCOS unlocking cycle is different: since the Minting(also called casting) of NFT, the staked COCOS can be decomposed into the same quantity of COCOS after 30 days.COCOS mining can be withdrawn at any time. Of course, if the staking duration is less than one week (168 hours), 10% of the claimed income will be deducted into the dividend pool.

Please follow the instructions below to join the team:

1)Enter the “Dividends” page, tap “Join”.

2)Tap “Staking” in “My Stake” .

3)You can select NFT to mine or directly stake with COCOS tokens. Compared with COCOS, NFTs can increase staked power, and the mining efficiency of is relevant to the levels of NFTs.

  • the higher the counting power of the whole team, the higher the gain of that team.
  • Minting grade will be selected randomly: LV1-LV6.
  • The more NFTs you are dealing the more fee it will cost. The fee generated during the NFT mining and Minting(also called casting) process is charged by the BSC and has nothing to do with Cocos-BCX.
  • The minted NFT nominal value will affect the computing power and ultimately affect the income generated by mining;
  • COCOS COW will be constantly iterated and upgraded. All explanations are reserved to Cocos-BCX.
  • Minting COCOS NFT Tutorial:

If you have any concerns in COCOS NFT Auction/Stake/Team up/Dividend, please discuss and consult in groups below:

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