Cocos-BCX team mining officially starts, 120,000 COCOS can be shared every month

At 12:00 on April 28th (UTC), the Next-Gen Digital Game Economy Cocos-BCX has officially launched the team mining. So the 8 users who got the Hero NFT through the auction can create a Team and become the captain.The team dividend will be officially opened at 12:00 (UTC) on April 30th, so 8 heroes NFT holders must create a team before the team dividend starts. If the team is not created before the team dividend, they will miss the first One-phase dividends (cycles monthly).

Please follow the tutorial to create a team for hero NFT holders:

1)Enter COCOS World【】, switch to EN, click【Connect Wallet】. After your wallet got connected successfully, Click【Dividends】.

2)After enter the dividend pool page, tap【Create】 and proceed to the next step.

3)Tap 【Stake NFT】to select the NFT that can be staked, and tap【Approved】to start creating a team.

After creating a team, users who hold Hero NFT will become the team leader. Please pay attention to the following:

In addition, at 16:00 on April 28 (UTC+8), Cocos-BCX will open a new NFT casting. You can choose to join a team by casting the NFT and then staking the NFT. Of course, you can also choose to join a team by staking COCOS.

Please follow the instructions below to join the team:

1)Enter the “Dividends” page, tap “Join”.

2)Tap “Staking” in “My Stake” .

3)You can select NFT to mine or directly stake with COCOS tokens. Compared with COCOS, NFTs can increase staked power, and the mining efficiency of is relevant to the levels of NFTs.

users should pay attention to the following items when the team is paying dividends and casting NFTs:

The BSC COCOS contract is:0xAb301DaE71f5B386C566f484e636Aee60318F12F

If you have any concerns in COCOS NFT Auction/Stake/Team up/Dividend, please discuss and consult in groups below:

Bananatok: VPN required)



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