Cocos BCX Tokenomics Update, May 16, 2022

Daily Price Trend (30 Days)

Hello All. It was such a drama and accident for Luna and UST this week. Hope our community members were not affected.

Our team is always cautious about algo stablecoin. No matter how cool the math is behind, it is inevitable to offer high-yield to attract value, and use it as the stabilizer for the system. When that collateral is withdrawn, the game is over. But still, it was a brave try for Do Kwon and Luna community. Hope there are some ways for them to restart.

Here is the tokenomics update for last week. Cheers!


Token Name: CocosTokenV2 (Cocos)

Network Snapshot: ERC20 (2,130 addresses, +1.19% weekly)/ BEP20 (21,515 addresses,+0.3% weekly)

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Circulating Supply: 66,860,637

CocosNFT Holders:8,668 addresses (+0.01% weekly)

Listed Exchanges

Binance, BinanceTR, Kucoin, Gateio, MEXC Global, Bitforex, Phemex, Tokocrypto, WazirX, Bitrue, BKEX, Digifinex, Hoo, LATOKEN, etc.

Total Staking (as of today)

Dividend: 6,200,824 Cocos (6.2% of total, 9.27% of circulating)

NFT: 2,258,530 Cocos (2.26% of total, 3.38% of circulating)

Total: 8,459,354 Cocos (8.46% of total, 12.65% of circulating)

Supported Wallets

Trust, Metamask, Math and more


ETH CocosTokenV2: 0xc4c7Ea4FAB34BD9fb9a5e1B1a98Df76E26E6407c

BSC CocosTokenV2: 0xAb301DaE71f5B386C566f484e636Aee60318F12F

PlayBook: 0x63062B5f2CC762632684734574BAff42d3F756CA

CocosNFT: 0xEEdb8A865e2908dAA203A4b119B52805564E947A

CocosNFTFactory: 0xf5a33E4079c025f88387240fc4de3757659c06a7

CocosNFTClaimOx: 0xeDe89aA1881E8FAD2D3E11585Aaa79A4381ff8DF

CocosNFTClaimProxy: 0x76E8aAfBE5975B107aae39b745229E2d2CA54ff1

CocosCowNFTReward: 0xaa8ADcCDb88eb29C58dE0d5f83A13ee15Ade2D69

CocosNFTMintProxy: 0xf08a7274fD5FF3154Ffd2325cE5af976C30C366B

CocosNFTTCPReward: 0x7D93A7E7e2F4C46AEB73f208704C22DB21C4b3c0

CocosDividend: 0x5D1d5495626eA3FE196966e4f844cB4238423C1D

CocosDividendTeam: 0x957f22A61E587Fdf1EA9094A0E19a9ABa66F0eBd

CocosVipBook: 0x6f698A0bf68a5d64f3319Af19Fbfe259d4172f31

CocosPowerProxy: 0x867fCF8A1D2c0320C81Ffcd6775eD7a496619600

LaunchpadControllerProxy: 0xf55d89CC0911C110Bf1eafc618f72Afb072468c4

LaunchpadPool: 0xd23D5830449D56F7E6c25DeA15AD1d820369a0aB

CocosBlindBoxNFT: 0x4fF341f19Adc21169459979AC8c89f142eeb3585

CocosTapFantasyBlindBox: 0xe542c572e6E3692AFa5089E9435731E9D1a6Bb5a



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