Cocos-BCX Will Complete Migration from MainNet at 2 PM SGT, June 30th and Develop More in Ethereum Ecosystem.

According to Cocos-BCX official, Cocos-BCX will complete migration from MainNet at 2 PM SGT, June 30th. Cocos-BCX team will further the development on the Ethereum chain and continue to launch NFT and Layer2 products.

Cocos-BCX, as a Next-Gen Digital Game Economy, launched events during the Chinese Spring Festival of 2021. To adapt to the current industry development, Cocos-BCX decides to embrace the most prosperous and advanced blockchain game ecosystem- Ethereum. The team will develop on Binance Smart Chain ecology first to promote blockchain games.

Based on the migration progress of the ecosystem, Cocos-BCX decided to suspend the operation of the main network at the end of June as scheduled. After that, the team will invest more in the development of NFT and Layer2 products.

After the suspension of the Cocos-BCX MainNet, the relevant MainNet assets will be inoperable. Therefore, we advise all users to migrate the MainNet assets before the deadline. Please transfer your assets to Binance or other exchanges that support COCOS deposit and withdrawal; choose the corresponding network BEP20 (BSC) or ERC20 (ETH) for withdrawal. Cocos-BCX will continue development and launch more products for those who support and love Cocos-BCX.



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