Cocos-BCX Will Launch in SecondLive BSC 3D Exhibition Hall with a COCOS Pool Worth $10,000

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) first-anniversary event: DeFi Harvest Festival on BSC will launch in SecondLive’s space on Sep 2nd in the form of an online exhibition. Cocos-BCX will be one of the first projects to launch events in the BSC DeFi 3D exhibition hall: Treasure Hunt, and a mining pool worth $10,000 will be launched (for 7 Days). Users are required to get whitelisted and then get the chance to open the COCOS 3D NFT blind box for the COCOS NFT mining. The details are as follows, we welcome all users to join the party!

I. Join Cocos-BCX whitelist event, claim COCOS exclusive 3D NFT blind boxes to participate in the mining.

Whitelist Event: 12:00 PM, AUG 25 -10:00 AM, SEP 3, UTC

Blind Box: 2:00 PM, SEP 3, UTC

Mining Pool: 12:00 PM, SEP 4 -12:00 PM, SEP 11, UTC

II. Rules to Become a Whitelist User:

  • Click the link and finish the tasks to apply for the whitelist.
  • ONLY 1000 addresses will be whitelisted. They will be eligible to draw blind boxes and stake in COCOS Pool ONCE ONLY.
  • In addition, the top 20 referrals will receive the highest level of LV5 3D NFTs.

III. 3D NFT Mining Rules

  • Whitelist users can claim COCOS 3D NFT in the BSC DeFi exhibition hall at 2:00 PM UTC SEP 3;
  • Users who have claimed 3D NFTs can stake in the COCOS pool and mine $COCOS at 12:00 PM UTC, SEP 4;
  • The total dividend of Cocos-BCX is worth 10,000 USDT in $COCOS;
  • COCOS 3D NFT can be traded on SecondLive Market;
  • The quality of COCOS 3D NFT is as shown as follows:
  • Mining efficiency = 3D NFT level, the higher the level, the higher the mining efficiency.

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