Cocos-BCX Year-end Awards: Won Jinse Finance “Annual Most Influential Public Chain”, “Annual Blockchain Top 100 Enterprises” and “Annual Innovative Technology Award”

Recently,Cocos-BCX won three awards of the “Annual Most Influential Public Chain”, “Annual Top 100 Blockchain Companies” and “Annual Innovation Technology Award” in the global solicitation for “Creation with Time · 2020 Top Awards List Collection” hosted by Jinse Finance.

Initiated by Jinse Finance, the “Creation with Time · 2020 Top Awards List Collection” aims to commend those industry pioneers with outstanding performance, rapid growth, innovation, breakthrough value, and the most future potential in 2020.

The final promotion list was jointly selected by 60% of the Internet popularity vote + 40% of 20 media companies’ votes.We would like to show our appreciation to all our friends for their support of Cocos-BCX.

As a next-generation Game Digital Economy platform that has been established for three years since 2017, Cocos-BCX is committed to build a basic platform for blockchain games, lowering the barriers to enter for blockchain games, and improving developers, channels, operators, and relationship among players,with continuous devotion and accumulation holding a corner field of blockchain games, while constantly making new exploration.

This summer, Cocos-BCX provided ChinaJoyPlus with 1.2 million NFT tickets, which are based on the COCOS-1808 (BCX-NHAS-1808) non-homogeneous digital asset standard proposed and mainly maintained by Cocos-BCX.

Meanwhile,Cocos-BCX assisted NFT to improve the description of “structure”, and helped NFT to describe specific things with structure-LP in CroSwap in Cocos-BCX ecosystem, can be synthesized or decomposed ,to give LP stronger descriptiveness and scalability, DeFi and NFT would also have more imagination and gameplay based on this.

In the coming 2021, Cocos-BCX will also make new explorations based on industry changes, stabilizing the basic system while continuing to grow.

Thank you again for being with us all the way.

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