Cocos-BCX’s NFT initial mining for BSC Farmers Festival has been opened

Cocos-BCX, the next-generation game digital economy platform, participated in the BSC Farmers Festival on February 8th,and started mining activities at 21:30 PM as the NFT initial mining project.

After a series of Five Fortunes NFT,Opening Blind box NFT etc. activities,Cocos-BCX participated in the BSC Farmers’ Festival on February 8th, and it was the initial mining project of the BSC Farmers’ Festival.

This initial mining pool of the Cocos-BCX will produce a total of 100,000 COCOS, and continue mining for 30 days.

Including the previous Five Fortunes NFT , COCOS NFT that can participate in mining is divided into 6 levels. Each level of NFT has a different computing power. The higher the computing power is, the higher the mining efficiency is.

Following is a reference for various levels of COCOS NFT mining effeciency :

This COCOS NFT Staking has no upper limit,the more you stake, the more COCOS will produce.

Cocos-BCX is the next-generation game digital economy platform. After three years of accumulation, it has now formed a complete blockchain game ecosystem, including smart contracts that are not limited to games; cooperating and supporting subjects of online games, media, and tools; proposing and maintaining the non-homogeneous digital asset standard BCX-NHAS-1808 (COCOS-1808) etc.

After the Chinese New Year Plan announced to embrace the Ethereum ecosystem and prioritize the active side chain BSC of Ethereum, Cocos-BCX has reached a series of cooperation with BSC. As of 4:00 AM on February 8th,2021 ,Cocos-BCX has added 16,994 COCOS (BEP-20) in BSC addresses , 10300 new addresses increased to be held by COCOS NFT.

In addition, after completion of recent activities, as of 4:00 AM on February 8th,2021(UTC) COCOS NFT ranked Number three on the BSC NFT liquidity list.

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