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Cocos-BCX’s Second Batch of Medical Donations Has Been Delivered to Specified Hospitals!

As the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic worsens, the World Health Organization has declared Wuhan coronavirus epidemic a global health emergency. As of February 6th, the number of confirmed cases was close to 30,000. With the rework wave in major cities, confirmed cases have been found in other parts of China and even worldwide. In front of the epidemic outbreak, Cocos-BCX is active and show its social responsibility!

The Second Batch of Medical Donations Has Been Delivered to Specified Hospitals!

After donating full-shield goggles to 7 county-level hospitals in Hubei province on February 3rd, we went through comprehensive analysis of donating information and it is confirmed that 900 goggles had been delivering to Hangzhou 903 Hospital which were donated by the Cocos-BCX Foundation joint Mujin Institution, Beijing TOUCHCHAIN.CN and Cocos Engine.

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The Third Batch of Medical Supplies is on the way and in Purchasing!

In addition, the third batch of medical supplies such as medical protective clothing, surgical masks, goggles, etc. have also been transported from the United States and Italy. After testing and confirmation, they are expected to arrive at many provincial and county-level hospitals in Hubei province within one week. Besides, the rest of the supplies are still in preparation.

We also welcome all partners and communities to join in, providing financial donations, material donations, and other actions that can help fight Wuhan coronavirus. Additionally, we will announce the behavior of providing help on Cocos-BCX official channels and provide relevant certified documents

Finally, Cocos-BCX also hopes that everyone will take protective measures to protect their families and themselves. No matter how complicated the situation is, as long as our society can work together, the epidemic can be controlled. So what is needed now is to show our sense of responsibility, and contribute what you can in front of the epidemic.

Let‘s pray for those doctors and nurses and other medical staff who are fighting in the front line! We are going through history! And history will remember today, this unforgettable Chinese New Year!

If you can provide any kind of help or if you have any questions, feel free to contact Alvin. (Telegram ID: Alvintheone)

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