COCOS Blockchain Game Insider: The best “Crypto Knights” heroes recommendation

01、Purple/Blue heroes

For newbies just came in and didn’t understand anything. Most heroes you got are in blue,and purple heroes are the main force, so we will talk together here as its most common for newbies. Don’t think that the new era does not last long, because if you don’t want to spend more money on drawing cards or buying other people’s heroes, then you may rely on purple heroes for a long time.

02、Orange Heroes

Starting from orange, many heroes have their own usage scenarios, and some can even stand alone. So next I choose some practical heroes that I have used and beaten myself to recommend.

03、Golden Heroes

Finally speaking of golden heroes! If this game draws out golden heroes, it will be incredibly amazing! As an experienced insider,, I have never seen such a high probability of golden heroes out! However, in this game, I am a non-Chief who turned over to be the King of Europe (LOL), and I have drawn 5 golden heroes~ Yes, I have drawn 5 of them to be the King of Europe… So there are still many golden heroes yet. After being drawn out, I will pick some of the golden heroes that have come out.



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