COCOS NFT’s highest transaction price is 12 BNB, current value equals 2928 USDT

During the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, the next-generation gaming digital economy platform Cocos-BCX has launched a series of NFT-related beneficial activities such as NFT Five Fortunes collection bonus pool,NFT Blindbox opening, NFT Mining,Whitelist Positions Airdrops and Online Referral Program etc.,also reached cooperation with BSC,DEGO Math Wallet etc. to together promote activities.

Users can firstly get chance to win a Five Fortune NFT or Bull Bull NFT by obtaining whitelist positions,secondly,use NFT obtained above to do NFT Mining or trade in Treasureland NFT Market.

At present, according to the transaction records of the market, the highest transaction price of the highest-ranking COCOS NFT is 12 BNB, which used to be as high as 4164 USDT and current value equals 2928 USDT. The Hash for this transaction :

We checked and found out that there are many such transactions with relatively high transaction prices. We only list the following two transactions separately for your reference :

Hash for this transaction:

Hash for this transaction:

Besides above,in the activity of Cocos-BCX Five Fortune NFT collection Bonus Pool, total 9 people collected Five Fortunes NFTs and evenly divided 8000 COCOS, and each winner received 888.88 COCOS. Based on the average price of 0.52 USDT on February 7th(the draw day), the outdoor price can reach 462 USDT, and now it can reach 728 UDSDT!

By Now, Cocos-BCX NFT Mining(Staking)

is still in progress, welcome everyone to join us.For details,please check following link:

In addition, the Cocos-BCX official will also launch more NFT mining gameplays in the near future. Stay tuned!



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