CocosWallet Security | COCOS Account System Guide and Ten Simple Tips for Beginners

19% of people globally have purchased cryptocurrency before 2019 revealed by Kaspersky Lab. Most of these people are new in the world of cryptocurrency, unacquainted with security issues and risks in exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets.

There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets, such as desktop, mobile, hardware, software, etc.. As you all know that Cocos-BCX has developed two kinds of wallets: CocosWallet and Cocospay, which have two specific and secure modes. Today, I am going to explain the COCOS account system and share with you TEN simple tips of Cocos-BCX wallet security. The Cocos-BCX team is always here for you!

Two Kinds of Mode

When you create or import a COCOS account, there are two types of mode, which are Wallet Mode and Account Mode.

[Account Mode] supports two login methods, which are account and password, private key and temporary password. [Account Mode] is a login method that uses the account name and password to calculate the private key. Its principle is similar to mnemonic words, which are replacing the private key with an account and password that are easy to be remembered. It is more users friendly.

Please note to use a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters to increase the complexity of the password.

Please note that when you reset the account password under account mode, the private key will also be modified after the modification, so you need to remember to back up the private key! That is important!

[Wallet Mode] supports two login methods: private key and key. The key method can only be used at Cocos terminal.

You can simply consider [Wallet Mode] as packaging all the private keys or keys of all accounts in your wallet into a file and setting a password. This private key file or key file is only owned by you. No one else on the network stores your private key, so save it carefully!

Please note that when you lost your private key, you will lose your account! It has high security.

Whether in [Wallet Mode] or [Account Mode], you have a private key. In the Cocos-BCX account system, there are two types of private keys, each with different permissions:

1. The active right of the asset private key (active) is used to set the account name or public key that has the right to spend funds in this account.

2. The account permission of the account private key (owner) is to set who can control this account. The controller (account name or public key) can modify the settings related to the account, including permission settings.


From the level of the Cocos-BCX chain, there are no [Account Mode] and [Wallet Mode], and public and private key pairs control accounts. However, the public and private keys are inconvenient to operate. Therefore, we designed the account mode at the SDK level to improve users’ experience.

Ten Simple Tips for Beginners

The Cocos-BCX team would like to remind all users to protect your account information actively. Users can take measures as follows:

1. Do not leave your account and password to others;

2. Change the transaction password regularly;

3. Do not set a password that is too simple, like using personal birthday, phone number, and other shared information as a password. You should use a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters to increase the complexity of the password;

4. Write your password and private key down on paper and store that piece of paper in a secret place.

5. When you input the password, you should pay attention to your surrounding to prevent others from stealing password information;

6. You should cautiously keep personal identity documents and other items containing personal information;

7. Computers and other equipment used for transactions should be secure by installing firewalls and anti-virus software, etc.

8. Do not click unknown URLs and do not download software and files with unknown functions.

9. We highly recommend Bitpie Wallet since it is secure. Besides, it has already supported COCOS MainNet.

10. Do create backups.

When you experience DApps, do not fill out your account and password directly in the DApp website, that may be risky!

You can log in a secure wallet, and enter the “discovery” page, fill out the DApp link to search bar to access DApp using the wallet authorization. Or you can install Cocospay plugin to the desktop browser to access Cocos-BCX DApps from the Cocos-BCX website.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to join Cocos-BCX official group and contact admins for help, we will solve your problems as soon as possible.



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