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【Cointime AMA】Confronting the Wuhan Coronavirus, What are the 2020 Economic Trends and What Should Blockchain Companies Do?

On the evening of February 13th, Cocos-BCX‘s co-founder Chen Haozhi was invited to participate in the online AMA sharing of the “Cointime Relativity | What Should Blockchain Companies Do” hosted by Cointime, one of the most influential media in China. Besides, co-founder of Creation Ventures, Sun Zeyu; Shao Jianliang, the general manager of Canaan Blockchain; Yang Yumei, the partner of Node Capital; Li Hui, deputy dean of Huobi Blockchain Research Institute were also invited to share their opinions.

The following is the record of Cocos-BCX’s co-founder Chen Haozhi.


Thank you very much for joining us.

It is known that Cocos-BCX has donated several batches of medical materials for the epidemic area. What is the process of donating? Besides, how does Cocos-BCX help to fight the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic using technology? What kind of responsibilities do you think a company should have in the face of such a disaster?

Chen Haozhi:

Thank you for having me.

Let me show you some pictures first.

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Cocos-BCX, in conjunction with the Cocos engine and the Mujin institution, has now successfully donated three batches of medical supplies and have been delivered to nearly 40 hospitals:

  • The first batch: we donated the first batch of 1,000 protective goggles to 7 hospitals in Xianning, Jingzhou, Xiangyang and Yichang, etc.
  • The second batch: we donated 900 goggles to the Hangzhou 903 Hospital;
  • The third batch: 2016 protective clothing and 1152 goggles have arrived at more than 30 hospitals including Jingzhou Fifth Hospital, Yichang Fifth Hospital, Tongshan County People’s Hospital, and Wufeng County People’s Hospital.

Although there are not many donations, many of them are imported directly from Russia, Japan, and other countries, and they can be delivered directly to the hospitals and doctors on the front line. Although it is not easy, we are very pleased when receiving doctors’ thanksgiving messages.

Besides, Cocos-BCX ecological product Cocos-Terminal contributes to fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. It adds real-time reporting and summary function of the epidemic situation, integrates telemedicine services and online doctor information, and provides multiple Chinese users with online consultation, telephone consultation, medical consultation, online help, psychological counseling and other service channels.

Cocos-Terminal integrates real-time epidemic summary information, and update domestic authoritative epidemic alerts in real time, helping users to grasp epidemic trends and rationally arrange daily life.

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If you are Interested, please chick:

Cocos-BCX ecological Buidler & Angel and strategic partner White Matrix has contributed its own technological advantages and released the multi-language epidemic data summary GitHub. It is hoped that remote consultation / online medical treatment can help people in Wuhan quickly connect medical resources and effectively avoid cross infection.

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It also help people from worldwide get the latest data of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic.

Our statement is do not add chaos and do what you can, even if you have limited ability. For employees, companies should provide maximum protection and ensuring the stability of the company is to assume its most important responsibility.

If the government, public welfare organizations and industries need in the future, we will contribute some of the tools we have accumulated and built the past to improve the efficiency of government affairs management and the implementation of public welfare structures through technology. We will also serve more demand-side customers through productization services. This is to prevent the disaster caused by this epidemic happening again as much as possible.


I am deeply affected!

The epidemic has been going on for months, and many companies are facing a crisis of survival. Does this epidemic cause affect Cocos-BCX? What is the current “reworking situation” of Cocos-BCX? Facing the epidemic situation, Cocos-BCX did not slow down the pace of progress, and completed the mainnet upgrade in mid-January. In such a period, what special management methods has Cocos-BCX adopted to improve efficiency?

Chen Haozhi:

Confronting the current epidemic situation, almost the entire Chinese economy has stalled, although most teams have started remote work. However, the stagnation of business cooperation has a large impact on many small and medium teams, whether it is the traditional economy, the information industry or the blockchain industry. This impact is, on the one hand, a decline in business efficiency, and on the other hand, most teams are in an early stage, and in this environment there is a lack of a good environment for participating in business.

However, we also saw that after SARS period, China officially entered the rapid development of e-commerce (logistics, payment) in 2003, both Taobao and JD developed at that stage.

After the 2020 epidemic, the continued decline of the Chinese economy will make many people, many companies, and many industries experience difficulties. However, I always think that excellent companies are born and developed under market and economic underestimation. Only by saving ourselves can we save more people, demanders, industries and even our environment so we need to save ourselves!

We see that a large number of people will be unemployed in the next one or two years, but this does not mean that ten million people can’t earn a living. On the contrary, this may be the largest human resource transfer in China in the past 40 years. The population born between 1995 and 2010 will choose more individual work mode in the future. How to make the settlement of workload, work effect and work’ income, efficiency, credibility and transparency will be a new topic after sudden outbreak of remote office.

It is also the assetization of human resources. Individual time becomes resources and assets that can be traded. We are looking forward to the future, more people can use their time in exchange for a controlled, stable and sustainable lifestyle. This was also mentioned at the project release conference of Cocos-BCX 2 years ago. Through our work, we may change the survival and working model of future generations. We are looking forward to seeing this trend and expectations.

Cocos-BCX started to be established in 2018. Our team is relatively large in the Chinese blockchain team and has a relatively stable status. We pay more attention to the survival status of these small and medium teams in the future ecology. On the one hand, we actively participated in the rescue of the epidemic situation and donated materials; on the other hand, the team also actively started remote work. It is hoped that through the work of the community, small and medium teams participating in our MainNet ecology have the possibility of obtaining continuous income and community returns.

As for how to improve efficiency, last year we launched a task claiming system based on community contributors. Now 90% of active users are global users. That’s why many community works are still being carried out efficiently in this epidemic. We also hope that this system can be deployed in domestic environments in the future. Maybe it can provide a new way of working and participating for more community users and even small and medium teams. We are full of confidence and expectations for the future.


Due to the epidemic, many people can only stay at home, mainstream internet games users have increasingly grown, while blockchain games users have stopped growing. What do you think is the reason for this phenomenon? What can we learning from mainstream internet games?

Chen Haozhi:

The most important criterion for our evaluation of all games is whether they are playful, and for blockchain games as well. We judge from a gameplay perspective. The current blockchain game is still based on the main chain ecology and the token holder’s operation.

This type of game is partial probability regardless of ETH or EOS. Although the “Crypto Knight” launched by a team in our ecology should be one of the best performing blockchain games at the end of last year, the overall scale is still small. It is not comparable to the annual revenue of single game operated by our domestic game companies.

Traditional Internet games have many years of operational experience, and they have an existing system for user operations and maintenance. We can see that Tencent’s “Honor of King” has recently reached new highs in user activity and revenue scale.

Through the analysis of the Spring Festival period, it is not difficult to find that during the long holiday, most games have chosen strategies to increase game activities, extend the distribution of game benefits, etc. In addition, some head games, such as “Onmyoji” and the recently overwhelmingly popularized “AFK Arena” and other games, also adopted strategies to enhance game benefits to recall existing users and attract more new users.

At present, the gameplay of blockchain games is relatively weak, and the operation mode is relatively single. It can be said that it is still in an early game operating state. At present, there are certain barriers to entry for blockchain games, which is difficult to attract zero-based players. During the Spring Festival, traditional games have a large number of operations, new developments, and promotions which cannot be completely imitated by the current blockchain game team, but the traditional game team is very worthy of learning in terms of WeChat mini-program methods, promotions, and product evolution by blockchain games industry.


Looking forward to the day when blockchain games are blooming ~~

From the current point of view, most of the users of blockchain games are users in the cryptocurrency industry. It is difficult to break through and reach mainstream gamers. At the same time, there is also a lack of explosive games with high user stickiness. In your opinion, what is the reason? And how should the entire blockchain industry break the situation?

Chen Haozhi:

The Spring Festival is a time for family interaction and collaboration. Reviewing games from previous years, games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or

Honor of King are quite popular. In the past two years, WeChat mini programs have also occupied the time and data of most users. Expect for Chess and answer, some mini-games that focus on current hot spot and hot gameplay have become dark horses at the end of the long holiday. Among them, there are three games became the most eye-catching products: “People’s War Against Epidemic”, “Coronavirus Elimination” and “Please Wear a Mask”. These game products were developed quickly based on real-time hot spot and currently it is difficult for blockchain games to imitate.

For blockchain games, we still rarely see successful products combining traditional IP and hotspots. In the game category, multiplayer games, especially the combination of large user platforms, such as TikTok and other video platforms have not been integrated.

The main reason is that technology and products have not completed their own preparation .

Cocos is our game development platform brand and one of the three major game engines in the world. Today, China’s mini game technology and operating environment are basically what we are providing, and we are also developing cloud game technology and operating environment with the largest foreign platforms and hardware companies. I believe that future games combined with blockchain technology will become the mainstream way. But it still needs 1 or 2 years of precipitation. When the outbreak comes, the combination of blockchain and games will be more mature.

We have seen that the highly popular Staking and NFT of the blockchain public chain ecology in the past two years have not really attracted global game product teams. In addition, some traditional platforms such as Steam and Epic use centralized props and rune systems to achieve secondary market with scales of hundreds of millions and billions of dollars. Therefore, before the characteristics of blockchain games are promoted by new technologies and hardware platforms, there is no rapidly evolving environment.

However, we can imagine that the combination of 5G, cloud games, blockchain and digital currency technologies will bring about the overall upgrade and evolution of the game industry. In 2025, we expect the gaming market to add 250 billion yuan in China. We believe that at that time most games had integrated blockchain technology and operational methods.

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