Cocos-BCX Monthly Report – February 2020


  • Core Technological Progress:

Technical updates in the MainNet, SDK, DApp, and other areas.

  • Important Release:

Launched COCOS MainNet mapping this month; Phrase 2 of Cocos-BCX private sales token unlock; MainNet and TestNet updates.

  • Technological Release:

Published relevant tutorials in order to facilitate community users to successfully perform COCOS MainNet mapping.

  • Online Activities:

A total of 10 community activities were conducted in communities globally.

  • Media Reports:

8 articles and 4 newsletters have been reported.

01 Technological progress

1.1 MainNet progress

1.1.1 Cocos-BCX MainNet has been upgraded to V1.1.2 version, the main optimizations are as follow:

  • The contract invocation cost can be shared by the caller and the contract deployer, and the sharing ratio between them can be set;
  • Added sharing transaction type query;
  • Optimized WebSocket network connection;
  • Enabled multiple platforms compilation and added test modules;
  • Standardized the wallet command line help information;
  • Added contract private key independent signature call.

1.2 SDK

1.2.1 JS-SDK

  • Optimized JS-SDK subscription block callback function;
  • Optimized decryption function;
  • Added double-signed Api interface when calling contract;
  • Optimized the JS-SDK query for assets with numbers.

1.2.2 iOS / Android-SDK

  • Optimized Android SDK calling contract, parameter type matching function;
  • Added string independent signature to verify signature Api.

1.2.3 DApp-SDK

  • Added the function of Jumping Native Wallet SDK to the DApp;
  • Optimized the interface display in the wallet;
  • Added login authorization request, wallet calls contract function to the DApp;
  • Added internal wallet transfer function to the DApp.

1.3 DApp

1.3.1) Token Mapping DApp

  • Accessed MetaMask transfer function;
  • Enabled DApp to request wallet address COCOS balance;
  • Modified ERC20 COCOS balance display (retain 5 decimal places corresponding to the MainNet amount);
  • Optimized getting balance function of token mapping DApp in Bitpie wallet;
  • Modified the formal environment interface address and payment address;
  • Added statistics code;
  • Added Chinese and English links for hash transactions;
  • Optimized Ethereum to obtain ERC20 COCOS balance in real time;
  • Optimized the background management of token mapping and increased total statistics;
  • Processed the request for mapping submission and issued the MainNet COCOS;
  • Completed the mapping project internationalization language pack function;
  • Completed the mapping project in the ETH mobile wallet.

1.3.2) iOS / Android Wallet Update (V2.1.6)

  • Optimized android wallet asset freezing function;
  • Optimized android wallet purchasing transaction function
  • Optimized the function of wallet jump tool accessing.

1.3.3) Bounty

  • Prompted the users in the personal center to “change the ERC20 address and withdraw to the Cocos-BCX MainNet account”;
  • Added:add / modify withdrawal account functions and Chinese and English language packs;
  • Added:download Mobile Wallet QR Code Popup.

1.4 Other systems

1.4.1) CocosPay

  • Optimized whitelist usage.

1.4.2) Cocos-BCX Browser

  • Added multiple account transaction types (asset transfer, transfer, contract call, account creation, account update, etc.)
  • Increased the amount of each transaction;
  • Adapted to mobile phone interface display.

02 Important release

2.1) On February 27, COCOS token mapping is officially launched.


2.3) On February 25, 2020, the Cocos-BCX TestNet was upgraded to V1.1.2.


2.3) On February 20, 2020, phrase 2 of Cocos-BCX private sale token unlock.


2.4) On February 13, 2020, the Cocos-BCX MainNet was upgraded to V1.1.1.


03 Technological Release

3.1)The detailed operation guide for Cocos-BCX MainNet token mapping was launched.


04 Online activities

4.1) From February 26th to March 11th, Cocos-BCX held the first Blockchain Game Tournament in Media, inviting about 40 media globally in technology, games, finance, and finance industries to participate in the competition, and jointly compete for the three awards.


4.2) From February 24th to March 6th, the Cocos-BCX Joint Crypto Knights officially launched a “Sharing Walkthrough to Win Big Prizes” activity for global users. Not only can they obtain exclusive NFT assets [COCOS Chain Tour Badge], COCOS Token, and hero fragments!


4.3) From February 13th to February 16th, Cocos-BCX’s official Twitter and official telegram group launched a “Speak LOVE out loud, love messagers competition” Valentine’s Day airdrop, soliciting love stories from global users.


4.4) From February 5th to February 6th, the official Twitter of Cocos-BCX initiated a adjustment COCOS trading pairs vote. People who participate in the voting will have the opportunity to receive COCOS rewards.


05 Media Reports

5.1)【】Top 50 blockchain game companies 2020


5.2)【Coinspeaker】Cocos-BCX: Leap-Ahead Environment for DApps and Digital Assets


5.3) 【Altcoinbuzz】Giveaway Galore with CoinDreams: Week 7




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