“Crypto Knights” officially launched on Binance Smart Chain BSC, experienced players will teach you

On March 25th, “Crypto Knights” officially launched on Binance Smart Chain BSC. “Crypto Knights”,one of the best COCOS blockchain games,As a blockchain gaming experience on combining features of traditional games and blockchain games, ‘Crypto Knights’ also supports the functions of summoning, adventure, idling, cultivating, and token producing etc..

Dear Cocosians,please follow the guide below,also we will have more airdrop prizes coming.

Step 1: Create or import BSC address

Step 2: Add BSC network COCOS (click to add asset + scroll down to the bottom, click to add custom token, copy COCOS contract address on BSC and fill in other detailed information )

Step 4: Click Apply, copy the official website http://knight.cocosbcx.net/ in wallet and enter the Crypto Knight game

Step 1:Install MetaMask plug-in wallet


Step 2:Create or import BSC address

Step 3:Setup BSC Network

RPC URLs:https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/



Block Explorer: https://bscscan.com

Step 4:Add COCOS on BSC Network

Contract address:0xAb301DaE71f5B386C566f484e636Aee60318F12F

Currency Symbol:COCOS

Decimal precision:18

Besides above,You need to make sure you have enough BNB for Gas fee.

Step 5: Click Apply, copy the official website http://knight.cocosbcx.net/ in wallet,

and enter the Crypto Knights game

Crypto Knights Gaming Guide

Enter the game, click Battle button, click Fighting button,and click start fighting button, reach the highest level of adventure instances you can reach in the shortest time as possible. The more ancient books are, the more experience (Exp) and gold coins you will get in the game. Both of them are inaccessible resources in the early stages of the game to rapidly increase strength for combat power.

Personally suggest that qualified new knights players exchange CKT at the Altar as early as possible, and perform a minimum of 30 consecutive high-level summons in the altar of summons, collect golden orange and purple characters as soon as possible in the early stage, establish the optimal configuration camp, and quickly capture the hegemony. The ranking of the tournament, daily hero fragments and medals of honor rewards, the higher the ranking, the more generous the rewards.

Hero shards can be used to redeem golden heroes in the Town-tavern and competition-honor shop. For the tavern, it is recommended that you save up to 30,000 fragments and then redeem them as a whole. The tavern will update new heroes every day.

The number of shards required for tavern summons, a total of 30,000 hero shards:

1 -> 60

2 -> 160

3 -> 320

4 -> 680

5 -> 1400

6 -> 2500

7 -> 4500

8 -> 7580

9 -> 12800

Fighting,You can fight several times a day, and you can get 2 Hero ShardS for 1 win; 8 Hero Shards for 4 wins; 16 Hero Shards for 9 wins; in addition, you can get 1 Medal of Honor for the first victory each day;


Mining under the town module: daily mining; can be traded directly through COCOS coins through the resource exchange.

Mine digging depth and maximum durability (number of mining times) depend on the number of your adventure levels, that is, the higher your adventure map level, the more ore you can dig each day, and the more you earn.

As the mining continues, hellhounds will appear randomly, and the level of hellhounds will get higher and higher. When you can’t beat the hellhounds for a while, remember to reset the mining area.

Hero Temple under the Town Module: Game characters can be traded directly through COCOS coins.

How to evaluate the value of heroes. The heroes of the Crypto Knights are divided into six levels: gray, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. The heroes of the gold level are the most valuable. In addition, the hero’s initial breakthrough attributes and combat power coefficient will also affect the hero’s value.

Genre match

The Crypto Knights can be roughly divided into three genres, namely Critical Stream, Pure Stream and Recovery Stream. The four-dimensional attributes of the Crypto Knights are crucial in the later stage.

You can use the hero’s own aura skills, weapon forging (after the weapon is upgraded to level 20) and breakthrough (after the character awakens to 5 stars, the level reaches 30).

Weapon forging and breakthroughs require the consumption of various types of ore mined in the mining area, the demon statue obtained by killing the hellhound, and the soul crystals of various attributes obtained by killing the boss in the mining area. Because the maximum number of outbound lineups is 20 people, a reasonable lineup is very important!

Once again, the four-dimensional attributes of the Encrypted Knights are very important! The order of importance of four-dimensional attribute stacking is as follows: King>First Strike>Defense>Dodge

Summary of golden heroes with crit flow skills:

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Demonized Bu Lv, Misaka Mikoto, Queen of Pain, Snow White, Inuyasha, Power Forward, Small Forward, Rexxar, Hellscream, Dreadlord.

Summary of golden heroes with pure flow skills:

Monkey King, Batman, Firefist Ace, Tauren Chief, Lena, Cupid, V God, Wukong.

Summary of recovery skills heroes:

Satoshi Nakamoto, LiangZhuge, Chopper, Lena, Bei Liu, Black Butler, Athena.

Summary of storm heroes:

Prince Charming, Cao Cao, Demonized Fei Zhang , Jaina, COCOS sauce.

Summary of Jackpot Skill Heroes:

Bei Liu, Satoshi Nakamoto, Superman, Batman, Luffy.

Note: The above classifications are based on the hero’s individual skills, and their combined skills are not considered. It is recommended that if you start with one of the heroes, you should give priority to cooperating with the heroes of the combined skills, after all, it is still somewhat difficult to obtain the golden hero. In addition, the release probability of hero skills is a mystery. Some players suggest that putting the hero position in front can increase the frequency of skills release, and the accuracy has not been confirmed.

The part of the game is shared by experienced players and is for reference only.

In addition, to celebrate the official launching of the best blockchain game “Crypto Knights” on Cocos-BCX on Binance Smart Chain BSC, “Crypto Knights” and Cocos-BCX will offer you airdrop prizes.

From 15:00 PM on March 25th, 2021 to 23:59:59 PM on March 31st, 2021, experience the top 50 combat power of “Crypto Knights” and get a mysterious redemption code! In addition, the official Twitter of Cocos-BCX also sent out COCOS multiple airdrop prizes.

Prize one:

  • Repost + Like to top Twitter;
  • Follow @Cocos-BCX official Twitter and @ Two friends;
  • From qualified participants, 5 winners will be randomly selected to give 5 COCOS for each.

Prize 2:

  • Comment on the event tweet “#COCOS x #BSC「Crypto Knights」Crossed blockchains and returned”;
  • 10 random selected qualified users will receive 5 COCOS for each.

Prize three:

  • Send the event poster to your own Twitter;
  • Bring the hashtag #CocosBCX and @CocosBCX;
  • 20 random selected qualified users will receive 3 COCOS for each.

Activity time: March 24th,2021 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM on March 29th, 2021 (UTC)

We appreciate every player’s time to join us.

“CryptoKnightsGroup” official telegram group


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