Crypto Knights: the First Blockchain Idle Game that Supports Staking

On December 27th, “Crypto Knights”, the world ’s first blockchain idle game that supports staking, is officially launched on the mainnet of Cocos-BCX.

  • One of the most active blockchain games

Developed by Cococs-BCX ‘s buidler ChainPlay, the Crypto Knights unveiled its demo version in August, a beta version in October and the 1.0 official version in November, with the functions of summoning, adventure, idling, cultivating, and token producing.

Following the release on EOS, the game that is officially available on Cocos-BCX mainnet. According to DappReview, after the launch of EOS, Crypto Knights performed well in blockchain games, with active users maintained at an average of 300 people per day, with a maximum transaction volume of over 1,000 EOS per day, and a single day transaction volume of up to 120,000.

Active Users

Trading Volume


It also ranked 2nd by the 24 hours trading volume.(Dapp Review, 23th December)

  • A blockchain game supports collecting, idling, trading, staking, and mining

Crypto Knights now consists two core systems: adventure and mining, featuring 200 heroes and 19 scenes, each scenes containing 5 dungeons. Its inbuilt rich resources and hero trading system can meet the needs of different players.

More remarkably, the game uses the token staking model to give NFT asset value. The 24/7 idling mode enables players to gain desirable rewards without playing all the time.

Besides the attractive gameplay and cute UI design, as a blockchain game, Crypto Knights also supports staking pledges, and asset trading operations.

When players obtain a hero, the core asset of the game, they need to activate it by token (such as EOS, COCOS) staking, so that the hero can fight in the battle. At the same time, players can also gain the hero coins “CKT”, which can be used for many transactions in the game (summon heroes, transaction fees, mining props, etc.).

The token pledged by the player can be redeemed. The redemption requires the player to decompose the obtained hero. After that, the token will be credited within 24 hours.

In addition, players can also obtain CKT through mysterious merchants, missions, etc.

What’s more, if the hero is purchased by the player through the transaction, the player can directly put the hero into battle. The price of the hero purchased by the transaction includes the pledge fee, and no secondary pledge is required.

Compared to the market, Crypto Knights is a relatively complicated blockchain game. For example, besides awakening, weapon and intimacy settings, the heroes of Crypto Knights have 5 attributes: strength, first strike, defense, dodge, king and 4 types: direct damage, spell-caster, healer and others.

The sophisticated setting and design enriching the gameplay and make it more entertaining.

  • Crypto Knights in Cocos-BCX: Supporting NHAS-1808 Standard

The Crypto Knights launched in Cocos-BCX on 27th December will support the NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard and the concept of universe in the iterative version.

The Crypto Knights R & D team stated that: “We choose the EOS version at first because its relatively mature EOS technology and high TPS can support the normal operation of the game. Now that as Cocos-BCX mainnet is online, we believe this public game chain built for games will bring more support to Crypto Knights, such as the perfect game development tools and environments, NHAS-1808 Non-homogeneous digital asset standards, and the huge number of developers. Crypto Knights is also very happy to be a member of the Cocos-BCX ecosystem and willing to work with Cocos-BCX to promote the development of the blockchain game industry.”

The game is available on Cocos-BCX mainnet, players can take the adventure and enjoy the game by:

Learn more at the official website

There’s more to come, stay tuned!




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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website:

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