Daily Planet FAT Forum | Cocos-BCX Reed: Integration of Layer2 and other technologies will strive

In past few days, Cocos-BCX technical contributor,Reed,shared his knowledge of blockchain games and the subsequent development of NFT at the 2020 FAT Value Era Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony held by the Daily Planet.

Reed believes that after integrating many technologies including Layer2, blockchain games will have a broader space for development.

Cocos-BCX, which is committed to building a next-generation game digital economy platform, announced at the CJ Friends Meeting held in August 2020 that it would carry out “including but not limited to the upgrade and compatibility of the system kernel to a new system” and also for “target Blockchain, cloud rendering, Layer2 and other technologies are combined and applied in the field of games and complex types of business”.

While Cocos-BCX is carrying out related research and development and deployment, I am pleased to see that there are blockchain games on the market that have confirmed the positive effects of Layer 2 in the game.This blockchain game also applies “concise zero-knowledge proofs” (ZkSNARK)” and possesses NFT attributes. This blockchain game is “Dark Forest”.

Reed believes: “With the help of Layer2 technology, “Dark Forest” has successfully solved the two problems that blockchain games have been facing. One is that frequent interaction between game operations and the chain affects the game experience and also burdens the chain; Second is the black box problem of the game. Based on the Layer2 technology of zk-rollup, “Dark Forest” solves these two problems well.”

In the v0.5 version, Dark Forest has launched a special Dark Forest NFT that can be found by exploring the universe.

The setting of the game is similar to the creation of a blockchain version of “No Man’s Sky” to a certain extent.

Reed said, “Layer2, as one of the expansion methods, is not only of great significance to the public chain, but also meets the needs of blockchain games.”

“Blockchain games are one of the earliest fields of NFT, and it is also one of the best directions for NFT to break the circle, but the current development of NFT in the game field is not very ideal. “Dark Forest” is a game that integrates multiple technologies. It will be able to better promote the development of blockchain games.”

“Cocos-BCX will also continue to adhere to the positioning of the next-generation game digital economy platform, continue to improve the basic platform of blockchain games, lower the barriers to entry for blockchain games, and maintain and develop BCX-NHAS-1808 (COCOS-1808) In addition to the homogenous digital asset standards, we will continue to introduce more components and standards that are conducive to the development of blockchain games to promote the development of blockchain games and the factual implementation of various technologies, just like providing 1.2 million copies for ChinaJoyPlus Like NFT tickets.”

“In the DeFi wave that hit, Cocos-BCX has helped NFT improve the description of “structure”, and helped NFT to describe something with structure — the LP in CroSwap in the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, It can be synthesized or decomposed to give LP more descriptive and extensibility. Based on this, DeFi and NFT will also have more imagination and gameplay.”

At the same time, Cocos-BCX won the “Most Popular Project in the Community” award in the FAT ranking activity.

In the coming 2021, Cocos-BCX will also make new explorations according to industry changes, stabilize the basic system while continuing to discover.



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