“Dragon Must Die” Is Officially Launched on Cocos-BCX MainNet

Only Chinese version of Dragon Must Die is launched. English version is coming soon, please stay tuned.

From June 4th to June 11th, the card game “Dragons Must Die”, developed by ChainPlay, was launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet and issued a delete file test.

After nearly half a month of development, “Dragons Must Die” is officially launched on the Cocos-BCX MainNet during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Here are the optimizations.

1. In order to give the supporters of ChainPlay a more scientific way to obtain the game’s revenue, LWT dividend tokens were issued based on the COCOS MainNet, and here are some giveaways for the internal test users of “Dragons Must Die” and “Crypto Knights”. The airdrop rules are as follows:

a. Accounts that recharge(purchase CKT) in the COCOS version of “Crypto Knights” can earn LWT incentives at a 50:1 ratio of consumption (transactions are not counted as consumption).

b. Accounts that consume in the COCOS version “Dragon Must Die Beta” can earn LWT incentives at a 50:1 ratio of consumption (the transaction is not counted as consumption).

2. The LWT pledge dividend mechanism: 10% of each recharge income will be put into a bonus pool, and 15% of the total bonus pool will be settled to the players every week according to the pledge ratio. This mechanism also applies to “Crypto Knights”.

3. Recharge mining LWT mechanism: users can get 1LWT airdrop reward for every 50COCOS consumption. Transaction consumption is not counted. This mechanism also applies to “Crypto Knights”.

4. Competitive dividends LWT: the top 100 players in the arena will receive different amounts of LWT rewards every three days.

5. Adjusted some values ​​to make the game’s resource output and consumption more stable.

6. Added support for DAPPX wallet in COCOS MainNet version.

7. Fixed some optimization suggestions and bugs proposed by players during the internal test.

8. 500,000 COCOS will be airdropped to the bonus pool to celebrate the launch of COCOS MainNet version.

Game Entrance:

  1. Enter the official website (https://dmd.chainplay.fun/) or scan the QR code below to download and install the COCOS “Dragon Must Die” application;

2. Open the CocosWallet mobile wallet or DAPPX, and log in to your COCOS MainNet account.

3. Open the “Dragon Must Die” application and authorize the COCOS MainNet account to log in;

4. Create a character.

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