Except for DeFi,what else can NFT bring to BSC?

According to data from Dappradar, in February 2021, Binance Smart Chain achieved a series of outstanding results. These include but are not limited to:

1. BSC surpassed Ethereum in terms of transaction volume and the number of unique active wallets, with a transaction volume exceeding USD 700 billion;

2. The amount of BSC locked up has continued to increase, rising by 19 times in February, reaching approximately US$9.5 billion;

3. BSC launched 77 new DeFi DApps in only one month in February, which is twice of Ethereum productions of new DApps;

Based on data above of DeFi growth, also there were many NFT-based growth on BSC in February.

Take one among more popular projects as an example, Binance Punks (Bunks), a project similar to CryptoPunks on Ethereum, in which an “alien” Bunk was sold at a high price of US$28,000.

Similar “imitation projects”, according to Dappradar’s statistics, and Bashmasks are considered to be the “copy” of the Ethereum NFT art project Hashmasks; Musical Beats also seems to be “copying” Euler Beats.

For other NFT projects, there is also Cocos-BCX, which has reached a cooperation with BSC during the occasion of Chinese Lunar New Year.

After COCOS made a redenomination,reduced from 100 billion to 100 million to embrace the BSC ecosystem, Cocos-BCX reached cooperation with BSC, DEGO, Math Wallet, etc.Meanwhile,COCOS launched NFT Five Fortunes collection, NFT blind box, NFT mining(Staking),whitelist airdrops etc. during the occasion of Chinese Lunar New Year in February.

Take the Cocos-BCX Chinese New Year Five Fortunes NFT collection event as an example. A total of 9 people collected all five of Five Fortunes NFT and divided 8000 COCOS, and every winner received 888.88 COCOS. Calculated based on the draw date of average daily price equaled 0.52 USDT, which is approximately equal to 462 USDT for outdoor price.If you calculated based on 1.45 USDT at ATH, approximately you would get 1288 USDT, which means you got a free iPhone12Pro.

Also,COCOS and DEGO took the first place in the trading volume of BSC during the New Year in one fell swoop, and now they are still the top ones.

In Binance101Talk, Cocos-BCX technical contributor Reed shared that Cocos-BCX will continue to create excellent NFT applications, and continue to try to NFTlize valuable off-chain assets to introduce more high-quality NFT assets standards.

According to insider’s sharing, Cocos-BCX will soon launch NFT-concept games and Layer2-concept games on BSC.

According to Cocos-BCX’s public New Year’s plan, the first NFT game may be “Crypto Knights” with more NFT functions, a blockchain game that has successfully operated on EOS and Cocos-BCX and achieved certain results.

If this type of game is launched on BSC, it may bring many “Senior players” of the Crypto Knights and “Junior players” who like chain games on BSC, and it most likely will also increase the number of BSC active wallets and transaction volume.

During 2020’s Summer, based on its own proposal, Cocos-BCX proposed and maintained the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard and relying on this standard, COCOS cooperated with ChinaJoy and provided 1.2 million for ChinaJoyPlus. NFT tickets have made practical efforts for the landing of NFT and empower the future cooperation between Cocos-BCX and BSC,opened a wider broader and will bring more imaginations for NFT on BSC.




A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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