FAQ | Cocos-BCX MainNet Node Election Voting

Q1. Cocos-BCX active BPs and active councils list.

Q2. Where to view Cocos-BCX BP candidates and council candidates list?

Q3. How to vote?

Q4. When will the voting end?

Q5. If I have already voted for Node 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, can I change my mind and withdraw my votes?

Q6. Does voting cost COCOS?

Q7. Where can I view my balance and frozen COCOS after voting?

Q8. How long it will take my withdrawn votes to be unlocked?

Q9. How to redeem my withdrawn votes?

Q10. Are there rewards for voters in node election voting?

Q11. How to participate in node election?

Q12. How to claim benefits of active BPs or council members?

Q13. How to claim the benefits of unselected candidates?

Q14. Can I quit after participating in the node election?

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