【First Phase】Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels Rankings

Cocos-BCX Ecosystem is growing steadily with the releasing of the two-round Buidlers & Angels. A total of 42 teams have been listed as Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels, and they have been contributing to Cocos-BCX ecosystem. After the evaluation of Cocos-BCX Foundation, the ranking of 28 teams who submitted contribution reports before June 1st is now released with a total of 84.4 million COCOS waiting for them.

Cocos-BCX released the announcement of [First Phase] Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels contribution report submission on May 28, 2020, and ended reports collection on June 2. After that, the Cocos-BCX Foundation conducted an independent evaluation of the contribution reports of the Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels .

According to [MainNet Stage] Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels Incentive Optimization 2.0, Cocos-BCX foundation calculated the average score of each report, and then ranked according to the average score of each category after more than a week of discussion and evaluation. A total of 4 ecological Buidlers & Angels were rated as first prize and each first-prize ecological Buidlers & Angels would receive a contribution award of 8 million COCOS which is the highest incentives. In this phase, a total of 84.4 million COCOS will be distributed to the ecological Buidlers & Angels who have submitted effective contribution reports according to the ranking.

Below is the ranking list with a brief review.

01 Ranking

Level 1:


DAPPX launched the official Cocos-BCX mobile wallet to the DAPPX application store, which is convenient for users to find and download it. Besides, DAPPX provided services such as advertising exposure, airdrops, and growth hacking events for Cocos-BCX. What‘s more, DAPPX launched the self-developed completed COCOS wallet function which supports fingerprint and face recognition to unlock, launched the COCOS blockchain game exclusive section, published high-quality game walkthroughs and newsletters and also cooperated with multiple ecological Buidlers & Angels to conduct airdrop activities which received lots of positive feedbacks.


ChainPlay developed two games —— Crypto Knights and Dragons Must Die for the Cocos-BCX MainNet, maintained and updated continuously new functions, which has a good impact on Cocos-BCX ecological. Responded and solved users’ problems in a timely manner. Cooperated with official and other ecological Buidlers & Angels for online airdrops for many times and played a good demonstration role for others who want to participate in the Cocos-BCX chain development team.


As an Arab ecological angel, Cryptoblarabi.com created, maintained, and activated Arab communities for Cocos-BCX, achieving significant effect. From November 2019, it continuously managed the group and answered to community members’ questions timely and translated all official news into Arabic, and sync on the Arabic community and its own official website. During the period, they launched four online activities and made a youtube video which has made important contributions to expanding the brand awareness of Cocos-BCX in the Arab region.


During the entire contribution period, IMCOCOS published qualified Cocos-BCX nodes voting guides and participated in the MainNet node election and launched a voting dividend campaign, which received good feedbacks from communities.

Level 2:


As a team that supports Cocos-BCX for the long term, DappReview synchronized and filtered the data on all chains of the Cocos-BCX MainNet. At the same time, DappReview performed data analysis on DApps running on Cocos-BCX blockchain and displayed core data that users care about. Also it displayed Cocos-BCX DApp exclusive section to front-end pages and actively cooperated with official online activities globally to expand brand awareness of Cocos-BCX.

Bitpie Wallet:

As a decentralized digital currency wallet, Bitpie Wallet actively supports COCOS MainNet swap and wallet account creation. Its wallet is stable, user friendly and receives lots of good users’ feedbacks.


CocosABC developed the first block explorer for Cocos-BCX, and continued to update and maintain it which let users easily find, confirm, and verify transactions occurring on the Cocos-BCX blockchain. In addition, CocosABC not only supports some basic functions of the block browser, such as: search and query blocks, transactions, accounts, contracts, tokens, NFT assets, on-chain data statistics and query but also supports voting, viewing DApp and other functions.


DappOS decentralized wallet supports the creation of COCOS MainNet accounts and issued an airdrop to celebrate it. They also provided Cocos-BCX Dapp ecological exclusive section for users to experience all DApps on the Cocos-BCX blockchain which facilitates users from other public chains on the DappBirds platform to become COCOS users through playing the Cocos-BCX DApps. Besides, they developed and launched the COCOS MainNet game — GO Block which supports COCOS payment, and put 70% of the game revenue into the prize pool and distributed to active users according to the weekly ranking.

Cocos Turkey (Coin-net):

As an influential medium in Turkey, Cocos Turkey (Coin-net) created, maintained and activated the Turkish community for Cocos-BCX. The effect is remarkable, the Turkish community has more than 1000 members with high activity. After it became Cocos-BCX angel, it managed and maintained the community uninterruptedly, answered the questions of community users in a timely manner and translated the official news into Turkish timely, and shared them to the community, official website and banner as well. In addition, a community AMA event was spontaneously held which let community members have a deeper understanding of Cocos-BCX. Cocos Turkey has made important contributions to expand Cocos-BCX’s brand awareness in Turkey.

Aiwen Community:

The Aiwen community KOL has a greater influence in the domestic market. It has built 4 themed communities with more than 1200 people and most of them are active members. The users in the theme community are highly active and actively participate in the discussion of COCOS related topics. Besides, Aiwen community joint IMCOCOS Node held a bonus activity to increase the enthusiasm of community users to vote for the nodes, and promote community users to participate in dividends which received lots of positive feedbacks. Aiwen community also actively share official contents to communities.

Blockchain SL:

As a Sri Lanka community angel of Cocos-BCX, Blockchain SL created, maintained and activated the Sri Lankan community for Cocos-BCX. From November 2019, it managed and maintained the community, answered the questions of community users in a timely manner and translated the official news timely, and shared them to the community. During this period, they designed many creative posters based on the official contents. They have made important contributions to expand Cocos-BCX’s influence in Sri Lanka.


During this period, BitMoreFu not only shared official contents to influential media platform but also created original and high-quality contents which were related to the Dgames on Cocos-BCX blockchain. All the contents were distributed to the Bihu, Lichang, Jianshu and Zhihu and other high-quality content platforms. Those articles help users to understand Dgames on Cocos-BCX blockchain and have a great effect on Cocos-BCX’s brand awareness.

Level 3:


Cocos-Terminal continuously updated new functions, such as contract IDE, which facilitates developers to directly develop smart contracts. They also launched operating revenue statistics including network block status, account operating revenue statistics, account contract usage statistics, contract call status, contracts Interface call status, etc.; enabled to created non-homogeneous assets directly through asset management visualization tools; managed any proposals and permissions in the chain through the visual interface; enabled homogenous/non-identical digital asset management and transactions; launched nodes, Council voting; accessed IMCOCOS newsletters and other functions.


The XPET team developed a strategic RPG game —— XPet for the Cocos-BCX MainNet, and connected to the COCOS account system, contract functions, payment and NFT mechanism. Also they successfully carried out an internal testing version and attracted many seed users, and made full preparations for launching to the COCOS MainNet. It has a great contribution to the construction of the Cocos-BCX blockchain game ecosystem.

SSSnoeds Super Node:

As the first batch of communities angel who supports the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, SSSnode Super Node has been participating in the construction of Cocos-BCX, actively maintaining and promoting Cocos-BCX for one year. They established more than 20 themed communities and spontaneously organized online conferences to discuss the ecological development of Cocos-BCX and make suggestions for the ecological development of Cocos-BCX jointly with other ecological Buidlers & Angels. Besides, they held airdrop activities with other ecological Buidlers & Angels to actively promote Cocos-BCX MainNet games and build corresponding theme communities which have made positive contributions to the development of Cocos-BCX.


GOGOC, as a we medium, actively assists in forwarding official news to multi-channels; independently created multiple original and high-quality contents. Besides, they shared those original articles in Lichang, Bihu, Cailu, Toutiao , Fulcrum, Northbound, etc. Those articles help users to understand Dgames on Cocos-BCX blockchain and have a great effect on Cocos-BCX’s brand awareness.

Level 4:

COCOS Angel Community:

As the earliest community that has always supported Cocos-BCX for more than one year, COCOS Angel Community has high-quality community members. They supported and promoted Cocos-BCX on multiple occasions; organized online video activities about sharing advantages of Cocos-BCX which obtained lots of positive feedbacks. Also, they actively cooperated with the official announcement, and actively helped to vote on COCOS during BitKan vote listing activity.


HiCOCOS built and maintained the Cocos-BCX ecological exclusive blockchain FAQ community to allow users to interact with each other which received good feedbacks from community members. Besides, they participated in node elections and jointly developed the voting reward query page with IMCOCOS, which is helpful for user queries.


TokenHODL, a large-scale and influential community, has supported Cocos-BCX from the TestNet stage to the MainNet stage. It has actively held several online events and obtained positive feedbacks. Besides, it has always cooperated with the official content announcement and actively helped community members to understand Cocos-BCX.


During this period, DAppcChaser not only shared official contents to influential media platform but also created original and high-qulity contents. All the contents were distributed to the Bihu, Dayu and other high-quality content platforms. Additionally, they published video content and post all the contents to its own official website.


GBAC updated the COCOS news in the graphene bi-weekly report, and distributed it to the WeChat subscription, Chain News, a popular media website, graphene ecosystem and the official group of Gongxinbao which expanded Cocos-BCX’s brand awareness.

Cocos Block:

The Cocos Block created high-quality articles after the official news timely and all the contents were distributed to the Golden Finance, Cailu, Bihu and Weibo and other high-quality content platforms. Besides, they independently launched articles writing incentives to encourage writers to create and post articles about Cocos-BCX.


HelloPool actively assists in forwarding official news to its own community WeChat public accounts, Weibo, and chain nodes, etc. in a timely manner. Besides, they created original contents and created newsletters for official news.


FansCOCOS not only shared official contents to influential media platform like WeChat public account, Jianshu, Weibo, HiCOCOS forum, Baijia, Toutiao and Bihu platform but also created original and high-quality contents.

Level 5:

The Block World:

As an international ecological angel, The Block World actively assists in sharing the official contents to its own community, Telegram news channel, and official social media platforms and other platforms. In addition, it has repeatedly announced important official news to more influential partner platforms to expand the brand influence of Cocos-BCX.

Gyro Game:

Gyro Game takes advantage of its own official website platform and reprints multiple Cocos-BCX official contents, and distributes it on platforms such as Gyro Finance application, Coinin application, and BitKan application.

BitFlower COCOS:

BitFlower COCOS shared official contents to influential media platform like Weibo, BitKan and Twitter, etc.

COCOS Weibo Influencer Coalition:

COCOS Weibo Influencer Coalition shared and commented official contents on the Weibo platform and its own community.

02 Reconsideration

The Cocos-BCX Foundation insists on the principle of fairness and justice. Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels who have any questions about the rankings can apply for a reconsideration. Please contact the admin in Cocos-BCX official group and provide relevant evidence screenshots and details.

Deadline for reconsideration request: June 15, 2020

Deadline for final ranking announcement: June 16, 2020

03 Incentives Distribution

After the final rankings are announced, the Cocos-BCX Foundation will confirm with winners’ COCOS MainNet address and distribute incentives within one week.


If Buidlers & Angels do not have incentives in the first phase, there is no need for the pledged interest.

04 COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Plan

On June 6 last year, Cocos-BCX officially announced the opening of the public test of “Gang Rinpoche”, version 1.0 of the TestNet. On June 21, Cocos-BCX officially launched the first round of the 210 million COCOS TestNet Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentive Plan to jointly build the Cocos-BCX TestNet ecosystem. More than 400 ecosystem internal organizations have applied, and 84 have been selected, and completed the implementation of the Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentive Plan of the TestNet in October.

This year, the first round of Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentive Plan of 345 million COCOS was officially launched on March 24, to build the ecosystem of Cocos-BCX MainNet jointly.

Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels MainNet Application Form

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