【First Phase】Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentives Plan 3.0 Monthly Rankings for February 2021

First Phase of Cocos-BCX MainNet Builders&Angels Incentives Plan 3.0 (For February 2021) contribution reports submission has finished, Cocos-BCX foundation has evaluated all submitted contribution reports and obtained the monthly ranking result. A total of 21 ecological Builders&Angels have submitted valid contribution reports.As a result,total of 34,650 Cocos-BCX Tokens in this phase will be issued to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted valid contribution reports in accordance with their levels.

01 Evaluation and Ratings

Cocos-BCX completed the First Phase MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels’ Contribution Reports on February 23rd,2021.Subsequently, the Cocos-BCX Foundation conducted an independent evaluation of the contribution reports of the MainNet ecological Builders&Angels.

According to Optimization of COCOS MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan 3.0, the average score of each report is obtained, then every ecological Builders&Angels are ranked according to the average score of each category. After this period of evaluation and rating ,a total of 34,650 NEW COCOS (Cocos-BCX Token)will be distributed to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted effective contribution reports in accordance with their grades and categories.

The following is a list of our Builders&Angels who have received ecological incentives (in no particular order in the same level).

Prize of 2000 COCOS Recipient(S):


Cocos-Terminal has played an important technical support role in the reduction plan (redenomination) of COCOS Token.Also Terminal products have completed reduction adaptation, maintained the SDK to keep normal operation, built convenience for users.


ChainPlay cooperated with COCOS Token to complete the reduction plan, upgraded the smart contract to support the accuracy of deflation tokens, and modified the game logic to ensure that the display accuracy to meet expectations.

Prize of 1000 COCOS Recipient(S):


COCOSABC cooperated with COCOS Token to complete the reduction plan(redenomination), synchronously adjusted the display and data storage modules, and monitored the stability of the service in 24 hours a day.

Prize of 600 COCOS Recipient(S):

COCOS Turkish Community(Coin-net)

Our COCOS Turkey Community(Coin-net) is a well-known Turkish media, with high local influence; synchronized Cocos-BCX official news with very punctual and comprehensive Turkish KOL local influncers: Modern Investor, Kritpodayi Influencer; Uploaded staking video in an accurate time with high quality on YouTube, had a very positive effect on Cocos-BCX Overseas publicity.

COCOS Arabic Community(Cryptoblarabi)

Our COCOS Arabic Community(Cryptoblarabi)is a well-known local media in Arabia and has a relatively high influence locally.The number of the community has grown steadily, and the community’s activity is in fairly good quality. The community discussed topics are mainly focused to COCOS project; Published a local Youtube video, several banners,20+ self-made posters, etc. and had a positive impact on community activity and users activities.Also it held one AMA ,translated and forwarded official articles to Telegram Arabic community in a timely and comprehensive manner.

Aiwen Community

Due to COCOS’s official migration from dismissing WeChat groups to build Telegram groups and new planning operation strategy, Aiwen Community changed strategies to take WeChat as a side-assisted plantform (community KOL assistance and content publications), and mainly focused on COCOS’ official Telegram groups.It served both Chinese and English telegram groups for more than a month; Daily Checked in;It greatly assisted the official KOL during this time of reduction plan(redenomination), small amount reduction exchange and NFT mining, solved numbers of usersproblems and offered friendly and correct guidance; the Moments of Wechat synchronized official contents in time.

COCOS Angel Community

COCOS Angel Community Promoted COCOS on Weibo for several activities, including angel welfare forwarding prize-winning activities, COCOS market information forwarding activities, and official reduction plan tutorial forwarding activities,all of above had achieved good results; as COCOS official WeChat groups were dismissed, COCOS Angel Community was transferred to promote and maintain the telegram groups to answer users’ questions; Actively promoted COCOS on Moments of WeChat.


Maintained a self-built group during the current ranking period; set up a Cocos-BCX zone and newsletter on the IMCOCOS official website, synchronized the official contents and newsletters of Cocos-BCX; participated in node construction.

Prize of 300 COCOS Recipient(S):

COCOS Sri Lanka Community

Sri Lanka Community is fairly active, created several Medium, Twitter forwarding activities and published original articles about COCOS and interacting very often with COCOS official; the number of the community has grown steadily; the community discussed topics are mainly focused to COCOS project; a total of 2 activities were held online; timely and fully synchronized translation and forwarding of official articles to the Telegram community.

COCOS Filipino Community

Filipino community is fairly active, forwarded official news to the community in time, and actively communicated with COCOS official; the number of community users has grown steadily; during the ranking period, 6 articles were edited and published, and Cocos-BCX related content was launched on 17 banners; planning an AMA cooperation jointly organized by the community and Binance.

Prize of 200 COCOS Recipient(S):


Synchronized multiple contents and newsletters of COCOS official articles on the official website in time.

Prize of 100 COCOS Recipient(S):

COCOS Bharat Community

Maintained the COCOS Bharat Indian community, forwarded and translatedCOCOS official news to local community in a timely manner, and the number of community users increased; actively communicated with the official.

Cocos-BCX Indonisea Community

Maintained the COCOS Indonisea community, forwarded official news to the community in a timely manner, and actively communicate with community users, and the number of community users has increased.

Prize of 50 COCOS Recipient(S):


Synchronized several official contents.


Synchronized several official contents.

Prize of 30 COCOS Recipient(S):

COCOS France Community

Maintained COCOS France Community.


Published an article and synchronized on 10 platforms.


Published two articles and synchronized on several platforms.


Forwarded several official Cocos-BCX announcements.


Exposed Cocos-BCX logo in the promotional poster; answered questions about COCOS reduction plan(redenomination) in the community.

Prize of 10 COCOS Recipient(S):


Translated Gitbook articles in Spanish.

02 Reconsideration

The Cocos-BCX Foundation adheres to the principle of fairness and justice. Ecological Builders&Angels who have any questions about the above ratings can reconsider. For the team that needs reconsideration, please consult Amanda(ID:@cocos_amd) in Telegram groups and provide relevant proof screenshots with detailed explanations.

Deadline for reconsideration: March 16th, 2021(UTC+8)

03 Reward distribution

After the final rating results are announced, the Cocos-BCX Foundation will confirm the MainNet address to receive COCOS and qualified participants will receive rewards within one week.

04 Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan

Combined previous experience of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan with demand of improving and developing whole COCOS ecosystem,Cocos-BCX officially launched the MainNet ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan 3.0 on January 18th,2021,and increased rewards for contributions,enlarged ecological Builders&Angels catalogues,shorten the cycle on every phase of contribution,intensify efforts to find global Builders&Angels to join Our Big Cocos-BCX ecosystem ,so we will work together to promote and build Cocos-BCX.

If you have any questions about the above content, please consult Amanda(ID:@cocos_amd) in Telegram groups.

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