Happy Chinese Bull Year,Bull Bull Lucky bags Aidrops from Cocos-BCX

It’s the Chinese Lunar New Year again;

Thank you all for accompanying Cocos-BCX for another year.

In 2020, Cocos-BCX broke the ice and developed ecologically;

In 2021, Cocos-BCX will set sail to build an age of empire.

On the occasion of Chinese Lunar New Year, everyone in Cocos-BCX team wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year! We wish to continue to refuel in the future and develop Cocos-BCX together.

In order to thank you for your continued attention and support to Cocos-BCX in the past, Cocos-BCX will send you Lunar New Year airdrops in the official Telegram groups and Twitter.

For Cocos-BCX Official Telegram Groups

From 3:00 AM on February 10th, 2021 to 10:00 AM on February 13th, 2021 (UTC), users only need to forward this event poster to Moments and reply [Good Fortune] in the official Chinese telegram group of Cocos-BCX, After registration, you can participate in the lucky bag drawing for free! Each lucky bag contains 5 COCOS. Now draw 50 cows to give away Bull Bull lucky bags . The number of places is limited. Come and participate!

Cocos-BCX Official Twitter

From 10:00 AM on February 10th,2021 to 12:00 PM on February 20th,2021 (UTC), repost + like Cocos-BCX official pinned Twitter + follow @Cocos-BCX official Twitter + @ two friends reposted according to the rules below.Random 5 qualified participants will be selected to give 17 COCOS each; comment “Cocos-BCX 2021 Bull Bull#COCOS” under this event twitter; random 10 qualified participants will be selected to give 5 COCOS each; send the event poster to your own Twitter and Retweet, with the hashtag #CocosBCX and @CocosBCX, random 20 qualified participants will be selected to give 7COCOS each;


1. If you have any questions, please consult admin Coke(@coca_cola) for Chinese or Amanda(@cocos_amd) for English in the Telegram group;

2. Event rewards will be issued roughly in two weeks

3. Cocos-BCX reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.



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