Happy First Anniversary to DEGO Finance! COCOS will Provide 60,000 COCOS for NFT Mining

Cocos-BCX, as a Next-Gen Digital Game Economy and the significant partner of the cross-chain DeFi+NFT aggregation platform DEGO, wishes DEGO a happy anniversary!

Since the launch of DEGO Finance on 19 AUG, 2020, COCOS has cooperated multiple times with DEGO on the BSC chain. COCOS launched COCOS COW, a product that integrates NFT and DeFi. During the Chinese Spring Festival of 2021, Cocos-BCX kicked off New Year’s Bull Year NFT blind boxes and five fortune NFT series. Later, COCOS NFT launched on Treasureland market that was incubated by DEGO. The two teams have stepped into Metaverse and GameFi and will cooperate on the R&D of Blockchain Games, tokenisation of game assets, asset lending, and more.

COCOS and DEGO Finance are friendly long-term partners. On the first anniversary of DEGO’s anniversary, Cocos-BCX will provide 60,000 COCOS for NFT mining. BSC(BEP20) COCOS holders, welcome to participate in the mining event!

Mining Rewards and Release Rules

COCOS Mining Pool: Hall of Heroes

Total dividend: 60,000 COCOS

Distribution Period: 60 Days

Withdrawal Rule: If the user staked less than 168 hours, 10% of the rewards are deducted during withdrawal.

Note: Only BSC (BEP20) COCOS NFT cast on DEGO platform can join the pool. NFTs used in Cocos-BCX (https://bsc.cocosbcx.io/) are not available for the event.

NFT Casting

Minting Begins: 12 PM UTC, 18 AUG

Token Injected: BSC (BEP20) COCOS

Mining Fees: 0.1 DEGO

NFT Grade: Lv1 — Lv6

NFT Face Value: 0.1≤ x ≤1000 COCOS

Mining Period: 12 PM UTC, 19 AUG — 12 PM UTC, 18 OCT

Unlock Period: 30 days after minting

Tutorials for Reference

NFT Casting: https://docs.dego.finance/how-to/cast-nft

NFT Staking: https://docs.dego.finance/modules/dego-nft/mining-pools

If you have any question, please discuss and consult in groups below:

Bananatok:https://0.plus/#/CocosBCX(No VPN required)






A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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