How to participate in Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological mining?

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At 8p.m. on September 22nd,2020, (UTC+8)the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem officially launched the decentralized AMM platform CROSWAP.COM, which combines DeFi+NFT. At the same time, Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological mining projects Cocos Financial Share (CFS) and 36K ( KKkk) is also officially launched. Thanks to COCOS angel & AiWen Community contributed to this mining strategy to community users. Users can go to CocosWallet to experience the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological project.

First, a brief introduction to Cocos-BCX DeFi

Ecological latest projects


CROSWAP is the first AMM decentralized token exchange platform on Cocos-BCX and the first DeFi application on Cocos-BCX. We aim that CROSWAP can become the DeFi basic suite on Cocos-BCX, providing users with a more convenient transaction method, and also providing liquidity for the SWAP platform. Users can share the market-making benefits, and at the same time provide developers in the ecosystem with. NFT with intrinsic value can be developed and utilized.

CROSWAP Official Website

Cocos Financial Share(CFS)

The total number of CFS is 1,2096,000, no over-issued, no pre-mining.

At present, 2 blocks per second are issued, and each block is issued with 1 coin, of which 95% tokens go to the mining pool and 5% tokens go to the foundation account

CFS reduces production by 10% for every 1,209,600 blocks

Production will be reduced once a week, next time for production reduction: 2020–09–29 20:00 PM

CFX Official Website

CFS Github


36K.VC is based on the COCOS-BCX blockchain network and is specially designed for decentralized financial applications. It supports a blockchain cloud service platform with dynamic elastic modules. There are three types of tokens on the platform, 36KNFT, KKKK, and KOKO.

36KNFT is the pre-sale certificate NFT at the time of the 36K.VC token creation (TGE). There are 660 NFTs in total, with face values ​​of 1000KKKK, 5000KKKK, 10000KKKK, and 50000KKKK. With the corresponding denomination of NFT, you can receive the corresponding proportion of KKKK on the official website for 20 days. KKKK is a universal token on the platform, which can be used to pay for platform services, transactions and other functions.

KKKK Introduction

A total of 4,000,000 pieces, of which: 2,000,000 pieces (accounting for 50%) are issued by 36KNFT pre-sale, the ratio is 1KKKK=100COCOS, which will be distributed linearly from September 22nd,2020, with 36KNFT on the official website, and all unlocking will be completed in 20 days; 100,000. Coins (2.5%) are issued on CROSWAP.COM IDO, the ratio is 1KKKK=120COCOS; 310,000 (7.75%) are generated by pledge/mobile mining.

36K Official Website

How to participate in Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological mining?

Mobile terminal

CocosWallet download link:

CocosWallet download code

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PC terminal

Enter Cocos-BCX official website :,directly download CocosPay:

2. Create a MainNet account

Mobile terminal

Open CocosWallet,Click “Login/Register” → see and click the button on top right corner“Register” → Enter the user name and password as required to complete the registration (Remember to save the password and private key, the password and private key cannot be retrieved if they are lost, it is recommended to write it on paper)

PC terminal

Enter Simply register the MainNet account as required.

3,Purchase $COCOS

Currently, COCOS has been listed on Binance, Gate, MXC, BitKan, Hoo exchanges, and all support the main network COCOS, you can directly trade. After the transaction is completed, the COCOS of the exchange is directly withdrawn to your main network account.

4, Pledge mining

-Only pledge COCOS mining (no need for liquidity)

-Only pledge COCOS to mine CFS

-CFS mining address:

-Open and log in to CocosWallet on the mobile terminal, click “Discover”, find “CFS” or directly enter the “CFS mining address” and click to enter; log in to CocosPay on the PC side, open the “CFS mining address”, link to the wallet, click “Pledge TOKEN”, Enter the amount of pledged COCOS and click “STAKE”;

-During the mining process, rewards and pledged COCOS can be withdrawn at any time!

Only pledge COCOS to mine KKKK

Open and log in to CocosWallet, click “Discover”, find “CFS” and click to enter, or log in to CocosPay on the PC side, open the CFS official website, link to the wallet, select “COCOS pledged mining”, enter the COCOS pledge amount, and click to participate in mining;

During the mining process, rewards and pledged COCOS can be withdrawn at any time!

Stake LP mining

CROSWAP Official Website:

After opening and logging in to CocosWallet on the mobile terminal, click “discover”, find “CROSWAP” and click to enter, or directly enter “CROSWAP official website” and click to enter; log in to CocosPay on the PC side, open the “CROSWAP official website”, and link to the wallet (the icon on the right of the user name “•••” can be switched to Chinese or English);

Exchange and increase liquidity

COCOS/CFS: Display “Exchange” → Convert COCOS to CFS → Click to enter the “Fund Pool” → Select Increase Liquidity → Select COCOS/CFS Add;

COCOS/LWT: Display “Exchange” → Convert COCOS into LWT → Click to enter “Fund Pool” → Increase liquidity → Select COCOS/CFS to add;

Note: The value of the injected COCOS/CFS or COCOS/LWT must be equal, subject to the actual exchange ratio. Increase liquidity (COCOS/CFS or COCOS/LWT) choose to inject according to your own wishes, please pay attention to investment risks!

Stake LP mining

The mobile terminal returns to the wallet “discovery” page, finds “CFS”, or directly enters the “CFS mining address” and clicks to enter; the PC terminal returns to the “CFS mining address” official website homepage;

Select “Pledge LP”, and your increased liquidity will appear, just click on pledge;

During the pledged mining process, rewards and pledged COCOS can be withdrawn at any time。

Finally, mining is risky and investment needs to be cautious!

About Cocos-BCX

Next-Gen Digital Game Economy. Game engine, IDE and blockchain for decentralized game development. Website:

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