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Join Sharing COCOS Crypto Knights Walkthrough Competition to Earn exclusive NFT assets, COCOS tokens and hero fragments!

Each player of the Crypto Knights has a walkthrough that he is good at and studying the strategy guide you have explored with other players, complementing each other’s strengths are good for your improvement. The more you practice the better you are!

Cocos-BCX and the Crypto Knights officially launch “Share Your Crypto Knights Walkthrough to Win Big Prizes”activity. As long as you submit a walkthrough, you will have the opportunity to be recommended! Also get exclusive NFT assets [COCOS Blockchain Game Glory Badge], COCOS tokens and hero fragments!

FOUR Rights of Limited NFT Glory Badge:

1. Each badge is a unique symbol;

2. Represents the advanced ranking mark of COCOS players in Cocos-BCX ecosystem;

3. Priority to experience the qualification of internal testing of COCOS chain ecological products;

4. In the future, it is possible to unlock the. advanced rights such as COCOS chain game asset airdrops.

Starting time:

18:00, February 24, 2020–18:00, March 6, 2020 (UTC+8)

FOUR Awards

1. Best Heroes Earning Walkthrough Award x 5


  • 6666 COCOS


In the [Adventure], [Mine], [Trading], [Heroic], [Athletics] and other sections, there are some tips that only you know and others may not know, as long as you are the first to write about this section and submit it, you get chance to win the rewards! The format of the walkthrough is “custom name + section suffix”, section suffix is like [adventure],[mine], [transaction], [hero], [athletic] and so on.

2. Best Money Earning Walkthrough Award x 5


  • 30000 COCOS


What combination of walkthrough did you use to make some money? How much are you currently making? Write down your ultimate money making tips, and the reward is yours! 5 best wakthroughs will be selected to win rewards from Cocos-BCX official communities and game communities.

3. Lucky Award x 20


  • 3000 COCOS

In addition to the above two awards, 20 high-quality walkthroughs will be selected. This reward cannot overlay with the “Best Earning Heros Walkthrough Award” and “Best Money Earning Walkthrough Award”.

4. Retweet Award x 8


  • 750 COCOS


The 8 participants who retweet this activity tweet get a chance to win 750 COCOS, and this rewards can overlap with other awards.

Walkthrough Requirements

1. No less than 200 words with your own thoughts.

2. No plagiarism

3. If there are similar walkthrough, the first submission shall prevail;


If you do not have enough Gas to play Crypto Knight, please join Cocos-BCX Official Group to ask admin for help.

Activity Address

Submit Walkthrough Here

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