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Latest Development of COCOS MainNet Mapping (Updated March,06,2020)

Dear COCOS holders,

Since the official launch of the COCOS MainNet mapping, we have continuously worked on technologies docking with exchanges and wallets. At present, HOO Exchange and Bitpie Wallet have supported the COCOS main chain and its token mapping successfully. There are more circulation exchanges and wallets are also actively docking with us.

During the COCOS MainNet mapping process, ERC20 COCOS stored on the wallets and exchanges are valid. We determine the specific redemption deadline according to the specific mapping situation. Please stay tuned to the official announcement.

Here are the brief updates of the COCOS MainNet mapping of each platform:


1.1)Docking Exchanges

The technological teams of platforms such as Binance are currently developing the MainNet COCOS interface. The opening time of the interface depends on the schedule and progress of the relevant technological team. Please wait for further announcements of official channels.

Besides, the technical documents required for exchange access have published on the official website (, and the exchanges can dock themselves. If you encounter any problems during mapping, feel free to contact admins in the official group (

Exchange docking document:

1.2)Mapping Supported Exchange

According to the technology docking document of mapping released by the Cocos-BCX, HOO Exchange has independently completed the COCOS MainNet transaction and MainNet token mapping flashing function.


HOO Exchange has supported the COCOS main chain and suspends COCOS deposit and withdrawal at 9 am on March 2, 2020, and perform token mapping upgrades. Please stay tuned to the latest announcement of HOO Exchange about the upgrade completion time. After the upgrade completes, HOO Exchange supports both the COCOS of the COCOS main chain (token symbol: COCOS) and the ERC20 version of the COCOS (token symbol: COCOS-ERC20). Please note the distinction when depositing and withdrawing. COCOS held by current users swap into main chain tokens.

HOO Exchange also enables the mapping function between COCOS and COCOS-ERC20 tokens, and users can complete the mapping on the flash page.


2.1)Bitpie Wallet

Bitpie Wallet fully supports Cocos-BCX MainNet Token. As a Cocos-BCX strategic partner, Bitpie Wallet has adapted the wallet-related security architecture based on a full understanding of the underlying Cocos-BCX. Currently, Bitpie iOS and Android versions have fully supported COCOS.

Therefore, ERC20 COCOS stored in Bitpie Wallet can be swapped directly in Bitpie Wallet following the official mapping guide.

2.2)ImToken 2.0 Wallet

Please follow the official mobile wallet mapping guide published by Cocos-BCX to swap ERC20 COCOS to MainNet COCOS through Imtoken Wallet.

At present, users who want to experience Cocos-BCX MainNet games and applications, and prepare for Cocos-BCX MainNet block nodes, need to operate mapping. Other users can decide whether to swap or not base on their own needs. If you do not have the above requirements and your COCOS are stored in the exchange, you wait for the exchange mapping announcement. During the mapping period, transactions do not suspend.

If you encounter any problems during mapping, feel free to contact admins in the official group ( or email ( for help.


Cocos-BCX official designated mapping address:


Please make sure to confirm multiple times when transferring!

Cocos-BCX official mapping DApp address:

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