【MainNet Stage】Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Builders&Angels Incentive Plan Optimization 3.0

01 Overview

During this period, from the testnet to the MainNet,Cocos-BCX is constantly optimizing the ecosystem Builders&Angels incentive plan, aiming to ensure that every participant joined in Cocos-BCX ecological construction can get appropriate incentives whenever making contributions to Cocos-BCX, meanwhile we wish to attract more advanced teams and individuals to join.

At the same time,Cocos-BCX project has experienced two years of development.With everyone’s support, the team has completed the basic infrastructure construction. So what we need now is to strengthen the ecological construction of Cocos-BCX.During this period, we hope for talents and outstanding organizations from worldwide to join us.Therefore, in combination with the previously implemented ecosystem Builders&Angels incentive plan and current direction, we released the Cocos-BCX MainNet ecosystem Builders&Angels incentive plan optimization 3.0, which increases the level of rewards, expands types of ecosystem Builders&Angels, shortens the contribution incentive cycle, and strengthens our efforts.We are looking forward for builders and contributors willing to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem worldwide, and we hope

to work together with you to build Cocos-BCX.

02 Basic Framework

  • The total amount of rewards remains unchanged (170 million, this amount is before reduction plan, after reduction plan, amount will be adjusted accordingly /3 months);
  • Shorten the incentive period (1 month);
  • The execution time of Cocos-BCX Mainnet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive 3.0 Plan is: January 19th,2021-April 18th,2021, a total of three months​;
  • Optimization of selection rules;
  • Increase different types of ecological Builders&Angels;
  • The contribution reward part enters the financial process after the rating result is announced, and it is expected to arrive within one week after the result is announced;
  • Application method.

03 Detailed Optimization

Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecosystem Builders&Angels Incentive Program 3.0 aims to allow more outstanding individuals and teams to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.Therefore, we remove the threshold of ecosystem Builders&Angels holdings, that is, as long as the individual or team is good enough to play their role advantage, you can apply to join, and the MainNet address of the incentive cycle does not need to hold 3 million MainNet COCOS constantly.

2 Expanding different types of ecosystem Builders&Angels

The growth of the Cocos-BCX ecosystem requires the joint efforts of talents from all walks of life, which is also an opportunity for more roles to participate.Therefore, in the Cocos-BCX Mainnet Ecosystem Builders&Angels Incentive Plan Optimization 3.0, we will fully embrace outstanding talents and teams in all aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Technical: tools, games;
  • Non-technical: community, content, market, official community management, etc.

This will enable the community to fully enjoy the governance, management, and participation rights of the Cocos-BCX project,and gradually realize community and ecological autonomy.

3 Shorten the incentive cycle

It is selected every month.In the absence of special holidays, a contribution report is submitted to the designated email box on the 30th or 31st of each month.

4 Selection rules

In the Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecosystem Builders&Angels Incentive Plan Optimization 3.0, we will make it clear that the total score for each category is 50 points, and each contribution level has a clear score range and corresponding reward amount.

The Cocos-BCX Foundation will score based on the contribution of participating in the evaluation of the current Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Builders&Angels Incentive Plan Optimization and submitted contribution reports, finally determine the contribution score and then correspondence related contribution level.

Note: As Cocos-BCX will start the COCOS Token reduction plan at 3:00 AM on January 19th, 2021(UTC),and is expected to complete the reduction on January 21st,2021.The total amount of COCOS will be reduced from 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) to 100,000,000 (one hundred million).The total amount of COCOS held by users (unit) will also be reduced, but the total value corresponding to the total amount of holdings remains unchanged.

The COCOS reward for each level mentioned above is the amount before the reduction. After COCOS completes the reduction, COCOS reward for each level will also be issued according to the reduced amount.

5 Application and Selection

a. Ecosystem Builders&Angels who have been successfully selected during the MainNet stage will automatically extend to the MainNet ecosystem Builders&Angels incentive plan 3.0 by default.If you need to withdraw, please contact our TG admins.

b. Organizations that have not been selected as COCOS ecological Builders&Angel in the MainNet stage need to fill in the information again, and they can become COCOS ecological Builders&Angels in the MainNet stage after being selected.The audit notification date is the 15th and 28th of each month.

6 Ecosystem Builders&Angels General Awards

Each ecosystem Builders&Angels participating in the evaluation of the current Cocos-BCX ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan will receive corresponding rewards according to the current contribution level.

04 The following are the details of the optimized incentive measures:

The rules are classified according to the types of ecosystem Builders&Angels.Ecosystem Builders&Angels are only horizontally compared with competitors of the same type.Technology-oriented (tools + games) ecological Builders&Angels and non-technical (community-oriented),Content category, market category, resource docking category, official community management category) ecosystem Builders&Angels evaluation criteria.

Buidlers: Tools And Games

Taking into account the different development cycles of tools and games and product attributes, Cocos-BCX adjusted the tool and game ecosystem Builders&Angels’ contribution reporting cycle to be flexible, and set product priorities based on the real-time status of the main network to avoid multiple products of a certain type. For repeated developments, tool ecosystem partners can communicate with the Cocos-BCX technical team in advance, and product priority will also affect the amount of incentives.

In addition, Cocos-BCX refines the reference direction for the development of game products.Firstly,it is related to the characteristics of the Cocos-BCX chain.The characteristics include (at least one of them must be satisfied):

  • Developed on Cocos-BCX MainNet, support COCOS payment
  • Deploy game smart contracts on the Cocos-BCX chain
  • Support BCX-NHAS-1808 standard
  • With its own economic model design

For games that are already in its infancy or have been formally operated, it will consider whether the game is a category suitable for blockchain, and whether it is the first-generation, high-quality game content in each category. Ecological Buidlers & Angels can communicate the finished game, demo, or design documents with the technical team for initial feedback.

Angels: community and content

In the absence of special holidays, a contribution report is submitted to the designated mailbox on the 30th or 31st of each month.We will make sure to notify you in advance.


Community quality

  • Number of Cocos-BCX themed groups created

Community activity level

  • Activity (chat data) of a single group shall not be less than 50 people/month
  • Number of group leaders and users should maintain average level

Community Activities(Online/Offline)

  • Plan and execute online and offline activities

Other contribution

  • Content output plus distribution volume
  • Edit and distribute original articles and official content

Facilitating cooperation

  • Promote ecological cooperation, node voting, ecological conferences, inviting talents to join Cocos-BCX ecosystem etc.


Content output

  • Official manuscripts and newsletters are released simultaneously. Match with home page information of own channel
  • Original reporting content related to Cocos-BCX and push it to multiple content platforms

Content distribution

  • Release platform coverage weight and PV effect, and evaluate according to actual statistics

Flow authenticity

  • The output content covers the traffic and exposure of the platform and the community, whether it brings popularity

Facilitating cooperation

  • Actively promote Cocos-BCX ecological-related cooperation, such as the inviting ecosystem Builders&Angels, community user node elections and voting, talent docking, etc.

Community creation and maintenance

  • The creation and maintenance of its own community, and the activity of the Cocos-BCX official community


  • Actively participate in offline activities related to Cocos-BCX;

Role representative

  • Cocos-BCX represented Cocos-BCX in the role of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecosystem Builders&Angels at offline events, and was able to publish Cocos-BCX-related topic sharing.

Offline activities connections

  • Take the initiative to connect offline activities to facilitate the exposure of Cocos-BCX or the participation of Cocos-BCX ecosystem members.

Resource introduction

  • Actively connect more suitable people or teams to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

Branding of Cocos-BCX

  • From the perspective of the entire market, actively promote the Cocos-BCX brand.

Community Management and Maintenance

  • Community management and maintenance

Manage and maintain Cocos-BCX related

theme communities and maintain a certain

degree of activity.

  • Synchronize official information, answer community questions and feedback, assist official statistics on community information, etc.

Promote the value of Cocos-BCX

  • Actively disseminate the value of Cocos-BCX and assist in the promotion of Cocos-BCX ecological development and other related activities.

Community online activities

  • At the right time and holidays, actively plan and execute online activities to guide community users to participate.

Experience ecological products

  • Actively participate in the Cocos-BCX ecological product experience,
  • Actively propose amendments, and release guidance content that is more friendly to new users.

Promote Node construction

  • Promote community and third parties to participate in node elections and node voting

Note: There is a certain difference between the community management category and the community category.The community management category tends to manage Cocos-BCX’s existing related themed communities, which is similar to community volunteers.The community category is more inclined to take advantage of its own community resources and contribute to the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

05 Attention



A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io

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A DAO for future Metaverse with decentralization technology and MetaFi. NFT, GameFi, IGO and more. Website: cocosbcx.io