【MainNet Stage】Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Builders&Angels Incentive Plan Optimization 3.0

01 Overview

02 Basic Framework

  • The total amount of rewards remains unchanged (170 million, this amount is before reduction plan, after reduction plan, amount will be adjusted accordingly /3 months);
  • Shorten the incentive period (1 month);
  • The execution time of Cocos-BCX Mainnet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive 3.0 Plan is: January 19th,2021-April 18th,2021, a total of three months​;
  • Optimization of selection rules;
  • Increase different types of ecological Builders&Angels;
  • The contribution reward part enters the financial process after the rating result is announced, and it is expected to arrive within one week after the result is announced;
  • Application method.

03 Detailed Optimization

  • Technical: tools, games;
  • Non-technical: community, content, market, official community management, etc.

04 The following are the details of the optimized incentive measures:

Buidlers: Tools And Games

  • Developed on Cocos-BCX MainNet, support COCOS payment
  • Deploy game smart contracts on the Cocos-BCX chain
  • Support BCX-NHAS-1808 standard
  • With its own economic model design

Angels: community and content


  • Number of Cocos-BCX themed groups created
  • Activity (chat data) of a single group shall not be less than 50 people/month
  • Number of group leaders and users should maintain average level
  • Plan and execute online and offline activities
  • Content output plus distribution volume
  • Edit and distribute original articles and official content
  • Promote ecological cooperation, node voting, ecological conferences, inviting talents to join Cocos-BCX ecosystem etc.


  • Official manuscripts and newsletters are released simultaneously. Match with home page information of own channel
  • Original reporting content related to Cocos-BCX and push it to multiple content platforms
  • Release platform coverage weight and PV effect, and evaluate according to actual statistics
  • The output content covers the traffic and exposure of the platform and the community, whether it brings popularity
  • Actively promote Cocos-BCX ecological-related cooperation, such as the inviting ecosystem Builders&Angels, community user node elections and voting, talent docking, etc.
  • The creation and maintenance of its own community, and the activity of the Cocos-BCX official community


  • Actively participate in offline activities related to Cocos-BCX;
  • Cocos-BCX represented Cocos-BCX in the role of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecosystem Builders&Angels at offline events, and was able to publish Cocos-BCX-related topic sharing.
  • Take the initiative to connect offline activities to facilitate the exposure of Cocos-BCX or the participation of Cocos-BCX ecosystem members.
  • Actively connect more suitable people or teams to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.
  • From the perspective of the entire market, actively promote the Cocos-BCX brand.
  • Community management and maintenance
  • Synchronize official information, answer community questions and feedback, assist official statistics on community information, etc.
  • Actively disseminate the value of Cocos-BCX and assist in the promotion of Cocos-BCX ecological development and other related activities.
  • At the right time and holidays, actively plan and execute online activities to guide community users to participate.
  • Actively participate in the Cocos-BCX ecological product experience,
  • Actively propose amendments, and release guidance content that is more friendly to new users.
  • Promote community and third parties to participate in node elections and node voting

05 Attention



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