[MainNet Stage] Cocos-BCX‘s First Batch of 38 Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels List

At the end of December 2019, Cocos-BCX released the MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan 1.0, which was correspondingly optimized the TestNet plan in terms of selection rules, income and cycles. At the same time, we launched an intention survey.

Cocos-BCX continued to improve the incentive mechanism of the COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan to ensure that the contributions and rewards of the ecosystem Buidlers & Angels are equal. Cocos-BCX has optimized [MainNet Stage] COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan 1.0, increased the total amount of rewards and optimized some rules. Therefore, the [MainNet Stage] COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan 2.0 was released.

On March 26, Cocos-BCX announces the first batch of MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels and formally implements incentive plan to promote the healthy development of Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

01 Qualified Selected Institutions

According to the Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan 2.0, as long as the Buidlers & Angels are successfully selected in the TestNet stage and meet the requirement of open positions which is not less than 3 million COCOS, they can apply for the first phrase of COCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels before March 25, 2020.

Therefore, the following eligible individuals/institutions were successfully selected as the first phrase of COCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels.

Cocos-BCX BUIDLers


  1. DappReview,

2. White Matrix,

3. CocosABC (named Pure Wallet during the TestNet stage),

4. COCOS Terminal,

5. Cobo Wallet,

6. Bitpie Wallet,

7. SlowMist Zone.



9. Chainplay,

10. DappOS,

11. boom.game (named as Crypto Tanks during the TestNet),

12. CardMaker.

Cocos-BCX Angels



14. Cocos Block,

15. Gyro Finance,


17. CocosX,

18. DAppChaser,

19. BitFlower COCOS,

20. FansCOCOS,

21. GBAC,

22. BitMoreFUN,

23. HelloPool,

24. COCOS Weibo Influencer Coalition,

25. Asia Blockchain Accelerator.


26. SP Expansion Machine ( Spain ),

27. Cryptoblarabi ( Arab ),

28. COCOS Angel Community,

29. AiWen Community,

30. SSSnodes Super Nodes (named Cocos-BCX UN during the TestNet),

31. PANDA Community,

32. TokenHODL,

33. Hongmeng Capital Community,

34. Interstellar Community.

02 Added Institutions

Besides, Cocos-BCX welcomes individuals/organizations to participate in our ecological construction to contribute to the development of blockchain games. Therefore, the organization who has not been selected as a COCOS Ecosystem Buidler or Angel during the TestNet phase, can re-filled the application. After being selected, the Cocos-BCX Foundation will verify their open positions and qualified individuals/organizations can become the MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels.

After intention survey and Cocos-BCX Foundation review, Small Target Communities, DAPPX, COOC-BCX Sri Lanka and Coin-net.com were all successfully selected as COCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels.

In summary, a total of 38 COCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels were successfully selected. Starting from the announcement of the COCOS First Batch of MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels List, the incentive plan will be officially launched. Everyone is welcome to build the healthy development of Cocos-BCX from the four aspects of tools, games, contents and communities.

03 Special Cases Optimization

Combining the TestNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive mechanism and feedback from communities, the Cocos-BCX Foundation added the token pledge and locking mechanism in the COCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan.

The Cocos-BCX Foundation decided to allow some particular Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels with significant contribution capabilities without 3 million COCOS pledge, and the Cocos-BCX foundation help mortgage after careful discussion and consideration with many parties. However, 0.5% interest on the mortgage amount should be paid to the Cocos-BCX Foundation each month. And the rewards during the contribution period must be put into the pledge account until it reaches 3 million COCOS.

Example: Ecosystem Buidler or Angel A’s account has no COCOS. When selected, the Cocos-BCX Foundation pledges 3 million COCOS for it. Two months later, A received 1 million COCOS rewards. Then A needs to pay (3 million times 0.5% times 2) interest to the Cocos-BCX Foundation, and 1 million COCOS needs to be added to the pledge account. In the end, the Cocos-BCX Foundation will continue to help pledge 2 million COCOS. It will continue until A’s pledged account reaches 3 million COCOS.

In addition, the COCOS MainNet Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan will be effective for a long time, and everyone is welcome to participate Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels Application Form. The Cocos-BCX Foundation will issue a review announcement on the 15th and 28th of each month.

For any questions during the application, please join Telegram Official Group and ask admins for assistance. We will help you resolve the problems as soon as we can.

Brief Introduction of the Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels



DappReview is the world’s leading Dapp ecological platform subordinated to Binance. Currently, it has collected 13 main chains with a total of more than 3900 Dapps, providing accurate Dapp data, user insights and market analysis. Committed to discovering more interesting Dapps, it helps developers better promote Dapps, and tries to help blockchains land in large-scale applications.

White Matrix:

It is a technology research and development company that focuses on the core technology of the blockchain. Its ChainIDE and MoveCastle are the world’s largest blockchain developer traffic inlet. It has provided more than 600,000 smart contracts compilation to developers in more than 100 countries.


CocosABC is a startup team from Tencent. At present, they have ten members, all of whom have extensive experience in the blockchain development industry. At present, MAU of their product PureWallet is 10,000, and its users are mainly distributed in China, the United States and countries in Southeast Asian.

COCOS Terminal:

Their team members are good at the development of blockchain solutions and peripheral tools. They are composed of CocoaChina community contributors, blockchain senior developers, blockchain technology investors, algorithm engineers, big data analysis and B / S architecture application developers. They are currently developing and operating Cocos-Terminal for Cocos-BCX.

Cobo Wallet:

Cobo Wallet is committed to building a one-stop digital asset storage and management platform. Through technological innovation to optimize the product experience, Cobo provides users with safe and reliable storage and payment environment and uses wallets to create application scenarios such as Staking and DApp portals.

Bitpie Wallet:

Bitpie.com, headquartered in Hong Kong, is one of the world’s earliest teams engaged in the field of blockchain wallets and has created a number of wallet products such as Bitpie Wallet, ETH wallet, and BitShield hardware wallet. Bitpie Wallet has securely served 5 million users worldwide in the past six years and is the largest blockchain wallet in the Asia-Pacific region.

SlowMist Zone:

Xiamen SlowMist Technology Co., Ltd., which focuses on the ecological security of the blockchain, is headquartered in Xiamen. It was created by a team with more than a decade of front-line cybersecurity offensive and defensive actual combat team members, who have created security projects with world-class influence.


Token Planet:

Token Planet is the first game on the EOS MainNet and has been on the DAU top charts for six months. The team members all have more than ten years of game development experience and blockchain industry experience.


Chainplay is a team dedicated to the development of blockchain games. It is committed to using blockchain to empower games and create a more interesting game experience than ever. Team members have more than 10 years of traditional game development experience, and experience in R & D and operation of various DApps. Among them, the “Crypto Knights” game has won multiple 2019 best blockchain game awards, and the Cocos-BCX public chain version is now available.


DappBirds, a subsidiary of DappOS, is the world’s leading DApp ecological service platform. It integrates DApp data analysis, design, chain reform, distribution, operation, cross-chain, and transaction all in one. At present, DappBirds has connected more than 14 public chains, including nearly 4,000 DApps, chain reforms and issued dozens of blockchain games. It is currently the only platform in the industry that has independently developed access to wallet services and can be directly downloaded in the global AppStore.

boom.game (Crypto Tanks):

boom.game is a chain game development team with four members. It launched “Crypto Tanks” in 2019, and launched ‘EOS Farm’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Solitaire’ and other blockchain game in 2018. Crypto Tanks is now available on Cocos-BCX chain.


CardMaker develops games with the Cocos engine and lasted more than one year. It is currently one of the longest-running blockchain games in the world. It has been running on three public chains for a long time, with cross-chain trading, PVP, other exciting designs, and experience carrying out globally. Besides, their products are continually improving. Also, they have signed for the game circle release, which is preparing for the final opening of the game circle. The peak DUA is 4000 plus. They have won the NEO Developer Contest Double Crown, as well as many awards from Chain Tea House and Sina.



They have vibrant experience in the operation and development of the currency blockchain projects and also have dozens of ranking, communities and media resources. Members have participated in the development of well-known Chinese public chains, Japanese legal digital exchange, participated in the EOS project code contribution, and they are familiar with blockchain technology.

Cocos Block:

Cocos Block is a community focus on the production of Cocos-BCX content. It gathers dozens of blockchain professional authors, including not only high-quality authors of content platforms such as Bihu, Cailu, Lichang, etc., such as editor-in-chief of Shirley Finance — Su Banyue, the founder of the Bihu Jinwang Award, SuperMario, and senior blockchain game player, Bird God.

Gyro Finance:

Gyro Finance is a mainstream blockchain media platform that positions in the blockchain industry as new finance and new digital entertainment.


HICOCOS team members all have project development experience from zero to one. They are composed of senior web engineers, full-stack engineers, blockchain media operations, and wallet development engineers. The Cocos-BCX Q & A community has been set up to gather all kind of questions about Cocos-BCX.


DAPPX is positioned as a blockchain application of public recommendation community, and it also supports blind box transactions. Users can share and recommend their favourite blockchain applications and information in DAPPX.


CocosX is positioned as the first marketing team focused on providing multimedia visual communication for Cocos-BCX, spreading Cocos-BCX brand through the funniest and most abundant pictures and videos.


DAppChaser was established in January 2018. It is committed to tracking global blockchain innovations, focusing on DApp professional evaluation and development progress, and contributing hundreds of blockchain popular science articles.

BitFlower COCOS:

They have the first active crypto social media in China that focuses on worldwide news, KOL opinions and market analysis of the blockchain.


It consists of six Tencent employees, all of whom are blockchain enthusiasts. They have rich experience in blockchain technology and have participated in EOS code contributions. They have shared several technical documents on blockchain within Tencent and has created specific blockchain original contents.


It is a team of more than 20 famous authors on blockchain content platforms such as Bihu, Lichang, Jianshu, etc., with diverse content styles and users in different attribute circles.


HelloPool originates from the HelloBTS community established in 2014. It has in-depth research and practice on the DPoS consensus algorithm. It is the earliest DPoS & PoS node team based on the graphene underlying public chain in China and has accumulated prosperous operation and maintenance experience and broad blockchain community influences. It is a blockchain technology company that cultivated by the Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute.

COCOS Weibo Influencer Coalition:

It is a Weibo KOL alliance. The team members are all Weibo KOL with the number of fans exceeding 300,000, and the team has more than one million followers. The leader of the COCOS Weibo Influencer Coalition is “Blockchain William”, an in-depth Weibo marketer and the original content creator.


GBAC (Graphene Blockchain Application Center) is a non-profit organization co-sponsored by the core members of the graphene blockchain ecosystem worldwide having technology communities, blockchain R & D companies, investment institutions, media, exchanges, and network security team resources covering millions of blockchain users worldwide.

Asia Blockchain Accelerator

Taiwan’s first accelerator with the blockchain as the central axis, ‘ABA’, covers the service clients include the Taiwan blockchain industry and foreign companies who want to land in Taiwan. They offer a series of services like blockchain industrialization counseling, global marketing resource assistance, professional financial and tax law support, comprehensive online and offline services such as business resource docking, etc. Besides, ABA (Asia Blockchain Accelerator) assembled ACE fiat currency-digital currency exchange (ACE Exchange), ABM (Asia Blockchain Media), Einstein Dream Family Fund resources. They aim to create Taiwan’s most complete blockchain ecosystem, ACE Blockchain Ecosystem (ABE), and help Taiwan to be the №1 blockchains center among Asian.


SP Expansion Machine (SPEM):

They have rich experience and is good at various services such as content output, translation, and community operation in Spain. At present, the Cocos-BCX project progress has been updated on Spanish Medium, and the Spanish version of the Cocos-BCX white paper has been translated.


Cryptoblarabi is committed to spreading and promoting cryptography and blockchain knowledge to the Arab and has attracted widespread attention from the Arab blockchain industry with its rich and timely content information and accurate market positioning.

Cocos-BCX Sri Lanka:

It is an organization composed of Sri Lankan blockchain developers and Cocos-BCX investors. The team includes professional book writers and traders in the blockchain field.


It is a turkey community that has been rapidly digitizing since the day it started its broadcasting life, has been aiming to share the latest development of the blockchain technology and the latest news, articles and the development of the market with its readers targeted.

AiWen Community:

AiWen community is a high-quality KOL community. The team members have experience in the blockchain industry and have attribute members, including media, project parties, exchanges, KOL, etc. The community is highly cohesive and their impression is up to 100,000.

COCOS Angel Community:

COCOS Angel is a pioneer who has accompanied the community along the way. Based on the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, it strives to explore and make the blockchain world a more exciting adventurer. The original intention is to achieve true distributed collaboration. Through the use of individual flexible advantages and resources, they will ultimately maximize the benefits and potential of nodes.

SSSnodes Super Node:

SSSnodes is a Staking ecological node company bases on Shenzhen and Hong Kong. It is committed to building high-quality and stable project nodes. The company has full-cycle node operating experience of several well-known public chains. They have many advantages like the specific person in charge, zero faults, zero penalties, low node fees, high profit. Also, they are establishing investment and incubation channels for potential projects to build community ecology.


TokenHODL is a professional service provider in the blockchain field and a well-known Blockchain branded community in China. TokenHODL aims to incubate high-quality blockchain projects, assist in the construction of blockchain ecological landings, dock head resources of investment banks, and provide professional data analysis for users. The scope of business involves projects and capital, airdrops, quantification, meetings, etc.

PANDA Community:

PANDA blockchain community core members consist of 12 blockchain enthusiast, including senior editors, technical experts, top investors, designers, fund managers, etc. At present, the PANDA community has a complete blockchain service product system, including a 10,000 members community, the blockchain education mini-program, and market information.

Small Target Community:

We media author Lin Yu launched the small target community in 2017 which has gathered a group of members with the same interests and has been active in the field of finance and blockchain. They are committed to jointly creating a valuable, fun, trustworthy, non-evil communication space.

Hongmeng Capital Community:

The Hongmeng Capital Community was established in the bear market in 2018. The team counterstrikes in the bear market and became a huge community organization in the Chinese area. Currently has 30,000 members and 50 management teams. In 2018 and 2019, they successfully cooperated with 45 blockchain projects.

Interstellar Community

This is a team specializing in node investment and community construction for high-quality projects.

COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Incentive Plan Optimization 2.0 — MainNet Stage



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