[MainNet Stage] Cocos-BCX’s Third Batch of Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels List

On March 24, Cocos-BCX announced the first batch of 38 MainNet ecosystem Buidlers & Angels list and on April 15, four organizations became Cocos-BCX’s Second Batch of Ecosystem Buidlers & Angel. Since the release of [MainNet Stage] COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels incentive plan 2.0, we continuously receive applications from worldwide. After receiving applications, Cocos-BCX foundation regularly investigates and reviews the applicants quality in various aspects such as team reputation, social media status, community activity, etc. As of June 18, Tokenview, Blockchain Association, DappOnline, Alliance Cryptocurrency Indonesia, COCOS America and Cocos-BCX India were selected as Cocos-BCX’s 3rd Batch of Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels.

Brief Introduction of the Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels



Tokenview is a Blockchain big data platform and a provider company offering technical solutions, aiming to provide stable, secure and easy-to-use blockchain relevant products and technical solutions. tokenview.com has already supported on-chain data retrieval and query of up to 100 public chains. Meanwhile, Tokenview provides competitive complete product solutions to multiple main institutions.


Blockchain Association:

Founded in 2017, Blockchain Association is a high-quality community focusing on blockchain knowledge learning and industry exchange discussions. There are more than 30 thousand blockchain technology enthusiasts, investors and practitioners from up to 30 cities globally. They created more than 100 blockchain relevant lessons, held around 10 online open classes and offline meetups about blockchain technology.


DappOnline is a blockchain application data analysis and distribution platform. Team members were from Chili Kota team, having rich operation and development experiences. They are committed to promoting the ecological construction and development of blockchain and promoting the application of blockchain.

COCOS America

This is a spontaneously formed American community of crypto enthusiasts from the United States. The team members have actively contributed to the Cocos engine sermons in America, and most of the members are senior game enthusiasts. They will build, manage and maintain the American community for Cocos-BCX, spread the Cocos-BCX blockchain games to American blockchain enthusiasts, and attract more contributors to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.

Alliance Cryptocurrency Indonesia:

ACI consists of several Indonesian KOL who are very enthusiastic in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Each of our team members has rich experience in their specific fields, starting from management to growth hack. Besides, we also have many partner relationships with blockchain communities, telegram channels, etc. The team joins the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels and will create and expand the Indonesian community and market for Cocos-BCX, further expanding Cocos-BCX’s brand awareness in Indonesia.

Cocos-BCX India:

Cocos-BCX India team members are from Bangladesh. They are specialized in Bengali, Hindi and Urdu language. Besides, they have rich experiences in managing, growing India and Bangladesh local community. The team joins the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels and will create and expand the Indian community and market for Cocos-BCX, further expanding Cocos-BCX’s brand awareness in India.

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