[MainNet Stage] COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Incentive Plan Optimization 2.0

Synthesizing proposals from COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, Cocos-BCX will regularly complete COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Incentive Plan to make sure the equality of contributions and rewards. Cocos-BCX optimizes rewards and position in [MainNet Stage] COCOS Ecosystem Buidlers & Angels Incentive Plan 1.0 and launches 2.0 version, so we hope applicants read it carefully.

Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels MainNet Application Form

01 Basic Framework:

  • In the selection criteria of COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, the threshold of holding tokens will be added(initial 3M MainNet COCOS), and other criteria will remain unchanged;
  • Increased the total amount of awards;
  • Cycle lengthening;
  • Optimization of selection rules;
  • Plan to increase the income of holding tokens;
  • The contribution reward part will be recorded in the financial process after the rating results are published, and the expected results will arrive in the account within one week after the publication;
  • Application method.

02 Detailed Optimization:

1. Newly increased threshold for each ecosystem Buidlers&Angels to hold tokens:

The organizational wallet address of the ecosystem Buidlers&Angels should always keep no less than 3M MainNet COCOS (if there are less than 3M MainNet COCOS in the period, you will miss the current selection qualification of incentive);

2. The incentive period selects once every two months;

3. The income of holding:

After the implementation of MainNet Node Policy, it is expected to add the right of ecosystem Buidlers&Angels that token mortgage and lock to obtain benefits. The specific revenue generation cycle and release mechanism are yet to be determined.

4. Selection rules:

Before implementation of MainNet Node Policy: contribution score (ranked by Cocos-BCX foundation)

After the implementation of MainNet Node Policy: scores of holding tokens to lock position plus contribution score (ranked by Cocos-BCX foundation)

5. Application and selection:

a. In the COCOS ecosystem Buidlers&Angels incentive plan 1.0: as long as the ecosystem Buidlers&Angels in the TestNet stage meet the position threshold, they can become the first batch of COCOS ecosystem Buidlers&Angels in the MainNet stage by applying before March 25.

b. Unselected organizations in the TestNet stage need to fill in the information again. After being selected, the Cocos-BCX foundation will conduct position threshold verification. Upon completion, the organization meeting the requirements can become the COCOS ecosystem Buidlers&Angels in the MainNet stage. The audit notification date is the 15th and 28th of each month.

6. Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels General Award

Before the MainNet Node Policy implementation: contribution reward

After the MainNet Node Policy is implemented: token holding income plus contribution reward.

Note: The current stage is before the implementation of the node policy. The specific time for the implementation of the node policy will be announced later on the official channel, so stay tuned.

03 The following are the details of the optimized incentive measures:

The first round of Cocos-BCX ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentives Plan (MainNet) has a total incentive amount of 345 million COCOS, lasts for six months.

In the MainNet stage, Cocos-BCX will focus on establishing the connection with ecosystem builders, finding reliable partners in tools, games, communities and content, and looking forward to working closely with these partners after the MainNet goes online.

The following are the detailed rules for scoring the contribution of Cocos-BCX ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, classified according to the types of Buidlers & Angels, which only make a horizontal comparison with the same kind of partners. The evaluation standards and reward pools of the budersBuidlers (Tool + Dgame) and Angels (community + content) are separated and independent of each other.

The following are the responsibilities and incentive details of ecosystem Buidlers & Angels.

Buidlers: Tools And Games

With the expansion of COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels, Cocos-BCX will increase the number of COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels of different technology types.

Considering the R&D cycle of tools and games, and different product attributes, Cocos-BCX adjusts the contribution reporting cycle of COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angles of tools and games from before 10 of each month to flexible date and sets the product priority according to the real-time situation of the MainNet to avoid repeated development of certain products. COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels of tools can communicate with the technical team of Cocos-BCX in advance, and the product priority also affects the number of incentives.

Besides the product progress and quality, the final amount of incentive reward shall be determined by the opinions between the ecosystem Buidlers & Angels and Cocos-BCX Foundation, instead of the simple hierarchical incentive scheme.

Besides, Cocos-BCX refines the development reference direction of game products. Firstly, it is related to the characteristics of Cocos-BCX chain, which includes (at least one of them should be met):

  • Develop on Cocos-BCX MainNet to support COCOS payment
  • Deploy game smart contracts on the Cocos-BCX chain
  • Support BCX-NHAS-1808 Standard
  • With its economic model design

For games that are already in its infancy or have been formally operated, it will consider whether the game is a category suitable for blockchain, and whether it is the first-generation, high-quality game content in each category. Ecological Buidlers & Angels can communicate the finished game, demo, or design documents with the technical team for initial feedback.

Angels: Community and Content

Based on the separation and independence of reward pool and rating rules between Buidlers and Angels, the new incentive mechanism for Angels is as follows:

In the new incentive mechanism, the number of award-winning ecosystem Buidlers & Angels will fluctuate according to the actual situation. And the influencing factors include but unlimited to the number of ecosystem Buidlers & Angels applied for in the current period and the contribution of ecosystem Buidlers & Angels. Each modification of the number will be publicized in the ecosystem Buidlers & Angels community.

In addition, the Buidlers also obtain the same amount of incentive and the number of award-winning ecosystem Buidlers will also fluctuate according to the actual situation.

The submission time of contribution report of Angels remains the same as before 1st of each submission month.

Submission month: the month of submission of contribution report. (submit contribution report every two months)


The evaluation of community ecosystem Buidlers & Angels‘ contribution follows the existing standards and optimizes some reference indicators.

Position ≥ 3M MainNet COCOS

  • Community Quality
  • Number of self-owned community users (lv1:1500, lv2:1000, lv3:500)
  • Number of Cocos-BCX theme groups created (no less than 1 for Lv2 and above)
  • Community Activity Level
  • Activity (chat data) of a single group shall not be less than 50 people/month
  • Number of Group Leaders
  • Community Activities (online/offline)
  • Organize at least one online activity with 50 participants every month
  • [Bonus point] actively participate in or organize offline activities (no less than 30 participants)
  • [Bonus point] organize communities of different regions or different attributes and hold activities (such as chain tour communities and capital verification groups)
  • Other Contributions
  • Content output plus distribution (lv1:20, lv2:10, lv3:5)
  • Number of facilitating cooperation


Cocos-BCX will continue to optimize the subject direction of the project material library and communicate with the ecosystem Buidlers & Angels. Cocos-BCX also optimizes some content reference indicators:

Position ≥ 3M MainNet COCOS

  • Content Output
  • Official manuscripts and newsletters are released simultaneously. Match with home page information of own channel
  • Original reporting content related to Cocos-BCX and push it to multiple content platforms
  • [Bonus point] refers to the depth or scarcity of original content ,which shall be evaluated according to the content quality (you can communicate with Cocos-BCX to select topics, and then publish in-depth original content such as text, comics and videos after review)
  • Content Distribution
  • Release platform coverage weight and PV effect, and evaluate according to actual statistics
  • [Bonus point] total number of publicity channels and whether the platform recommends them, etc.
  • [Bonus point] synchronized community user scale (lv1:1500, lv2:1000, lv3:500)
  • Other Contributions
  • Number of facilitating cooperation
  • [Bonus point] organize online or offline promotion activities, or invite Cocos-BCX to participate in matching activities and promote synchronously
  • Flow Authenticity (this is a sub-point)

Cocos-BCX is the next generation of game digital economy platform, which provides a complete game development tool, and is equipped with a perfect public chain ecosystem, and is committed to building a more friendly and convenient blockchain tool application solution in the game field.

On June 6 this year, Cocos-BCX officially announced the opening of the public test of “Gang Rinpoche”, version 1.0 of the TestNet. On June 21, Cocos-BCX officially launched the first round of the 210 million COCOS TestNet Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentive Plan to jointly build the Cocos-BCX TestNet ecosystem. More than 400 ecosystem internal organizations have applied, and 84 have been selected, and completed the implementation of the Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentive Plan of the TestNet in October.

This year, the first round of Ecosystem Buidlers&Angels Incentive Plan of 345 million COCOS was officially launched on March 24, to build the ecosystem of Cocos-BCX MainNet jointly.

Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels MainNet Application Form

04 Attention!

  • Please fill out the MainNet COCOS address correctly in Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels MainNet Application Form
  • If you have already applied, please perform COCOS MainNet mapping as soon as possible. After finishing, submit your MainNet address to community administrator (Telegram ID: @SZchicksona).
  • Mapping Operation guide
  • Official designated mapping address: 0xAC1E002563E0945ad8F1c193171e3ce2617B269e
  • Official mapping DApp:https://cocosmap.cocosbcx.net/
  • As of now, more than 30 applications have been applied including DappReview, Pure White Matrix, CocosABC, Bitpie Wallet, ChainPlay, SlowMist Zone, COBO, etc. The first batch of COCOS ecosystem Buidlers & Angels will be launched soon, if you are interested in becoming a member of COCOS ecosystem, you can fill out Cocos-BCX Buidlers & Angels MainNet Application Form.
  • Cocos-BCX node plan will start voting phrase soon, and we welcome everyone to participate.

For any questions during the application and mapping process, please join Telegram Official Group and ask admins for assistance. We will help you resolve the problems as soon as we can.

Next-Gen Digital Game Economy. Game engine, IDE and blockchain for decentralized game development. Website: cocosbcx.io

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