Never miss out COCOS 2020 annual year-end AMA

In 2020, our biggest wish is to be alive.From the outbreak of the pandemic in January 2020, the intensification of the pandemic in February, and the relief in May, the repeated cycles continued for several months, and the current pandemic has not yet been completely resolved.Fortunately, the country where we live is very strong, and everyone is united, persevering, and doing a good pandemic prevention job.

Similarly, Cocos-BCX’s 2020 is not ordinary. A lot of things have happened,some joys and some beyond expectations.The joy and difficulty of the process, we believe those of you who have been with us all way long have already been very clear.We really appreciate everyone’s support,understanding and accompany.We want to thank you for everything.

At the end of 2020 and when the New Year in 2021 is approaching, we are planning to hold an AMA in English Telegram from 20:30–21:30 on December 30th,2020(UTC+8).Cocos-BCX Operations Supervisor Amanda will be in the [COCOS Community AMA] live broadcast sharing, will talk about the 2020 annual summary and 2021 New Year plan.

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