New Surprises for COCOS ecological blockchain games: When “Crypto Knights” meets BSC

On March 22nd,2021, COCOS ecological blockchain game “Crypto Knights” is officially launched on BSC testnet.

“Crypto Knights”,one of the best COCOS blockchain games,for its first MainNet launch,it had been recognized as ‘the world ’s first blockchain idle game that supports Staking’,Not only offering users’ blockchain gaming experience on combining features of traditional games and blockchain games, ‘Crypto Knights’ also supports the functions of summoning, adventure, idling, cultivating, and token producing etc.,after accumulating sufficient experience on Cocos-BCX,this time, it will be launched again on BSC testnet.

For our understanding,this time,the BSC testnet version of “Crypto Knights” will give priority to testing on gameplay development, and for later ,the official version will launch Staking and more NFT gameplays.

One of the most active blockchain games

Even though, blockchain game industry is fairly new, it is still standing for the test of time.

“Crypto Knights”is one of the survivals,stood out for the test.

As the world ’s first blockchain idle game that supports Staking,after the official launch, Crypto Knights performed well in blockchain games, with active users maintained at an average of 300 people per day, a single day transaction volume up to 120,000,after the launch on Cocos-BCX, the average of daily activity and transaction volume also took the rank right to the top.During this period,based on the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard linkage festival, “Crypto Knights” has launched various NFT assets in the game.

For now, “Crypto Knights” is launching on BSC, it will also launch more NFT assets based on the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard.

Further more, based on the cooperative relationship between Cocos-BCX and DEGO and others, “Crypto Knights” will have more fun and valuable gameplays.

Crypto Knights:A smooth interacted blockchain game

According to the introduction, “Crypto Knights” has a total of 19 scenes, and each scene contains 5 instances.The 24/7 idling mode enables players to gain non-stop desirable rewards with auto-updated system.

The development team of “Crypto Knights” stated that the game uses a heroic chaos method, including two core systems: Battle and Mine. There are currently more than 200 hero characters.

After entering the “Crypto Knights”, pick your the name and select your Hero, there will be a series of novice guides to teach new players how to operate,very smooth interaction with cute UI and character design,with the smooth interaction, if it is not necessary to connect the wallet and sign for it when entering the game, it may even make users mistake “Crypto Knights” as a traditional game.

Compared with current blockchain games in the market, “Crypto Knights” is still a relatively sophisticated one. For example, the heroes of “Crypto Knights” have 5 attributes besides awakening and equipment settings, Strength, First Strike, Defense,Dodge,King, the attribute effect is described in the figure below.

In addition to hero attributes, heroes have 4 major types(direct damage, spell-caster, healer and others):

Except for Heroes’ attributes and types,there are also a lot of settings like’Teamfight’ between heroes.

Different kinds of settings increased the threshold of “ Crypto Knights”, meanwhile, it also effectively improves the game’s durability and strategy.

BSC version of “Crypto Knights”: Will adopt the BCX-NHAS-1808 standard on the chain of heroes

The version of the BSC testnet launched on March 21st, in addition to supporting all gameplays and operations mentioned above, also it will use the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard and worldview concepts in the iterative version.

The “Crypto Knights” R&D team stated that the operation of the Cocos-BCX version has brought relatively sufficient operating experience and players formed a habit of teaming. In this BSC version, “Crypto Knights” will further integrate the popular NFT concept, and try to introduce more NFT gameplay.

The Cocos-BCX team stated that the pumping of “Crypto Knights” on BSC is one of the big steps in the ecological cooperation between Cocos-BCX and BSC. Cocos-BCX will continue to cooperate with BSC to launch more games,and also there is a layer-2 concept blockchain game already in preparation, the interval time is about one quarter,at that time it would promote interoperability of assets on BSC and even on Ethereum for the full flow.



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