【Announcement】COCOS Token Mapping is Officially Launched

On December 12, 2019, Hong Kong time, the Cocos-BCX MainNet was officially launched. In order to ensure that the MainNet can provide a stable, secure, and friendly experience to the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, and at the same time combined with the requirements of various parties, the Cocos-BCX MainNet (Gang Rinpoche) has been in trial operation for more than two months, during which the operating conditions were good.

To cope with the ecological development of the project, on February 27, COCOS officially migrated from the ERC20 token to the Cocos-BCX MainNet token. Users who hold ERC20 COCOS should arrange the time reasonably and choose to map the currently circulating ERC20 COCOS to the MainNet COCOS through official and third party tools.

Users need to transfer ERC20 COCOS to the official designated mapping address of Cocos-BCX (0xAC1E002563E0945ad8F1c193171e3ce2617B269e) to get a transaction record;

Submit the transaction hash and MainNet account information for signature;

After waiting for the mapping to complete, you will get the same amount of COCOS in the MainNet account.

1) You need to register to get a Cocos-BCX MainNet account, which is our token address on the Cocos-BCX MainNet in the future. MainNet account registration detailed tutorial, please see the MainNet account registration guide.

In addition, Bitpie Wallet can also register for COCOS MainNet account.

Registration process: Select the wallet system-select COCOS (Cocos-BCX)-create an account following the rules.

2) Transfer the ERC20 COCOS on your account to the official designated mapping address of Cocos-BCX (0xAC1E002563E0945ad8F1c193171e3ce2617B269e) to obtain the transaction hash of the transfer: Txn Hash.

3) After confirming that the transfer is successful and the 12 blocks are confirmed, on the official mapping DApp provided by Cocos-BCX (https://cocosmap.cocosbcx.net/), submit the transaction hash and the MainNet account information for signature. The ERC20 COCOS tokens owned by everyone can map to the Cocos-BCX MainNet Token. Then wait for the official to transfer the same number of MainNet COCOS to the MainNet address.

Please beware that all mapping applications on the day will be processed in batches at 6 pm every day.

We will coordinate token mapping with some exchanges, and the COCOS ERC20 Token trading pair will continue during the mapping process. After the mapping is completed, token transactions, transfers, and withdrawals can operate normally. Some exchanges will access the MainNet COCOS for trading. For more details, please stay tuned to the exchange announcements and Cocos-BCX official channel.

In addition, the technical documents required for exchange access have been published on the official website (cocosbcx.io), and the exchanges can dock themselves.

For any questions during the mapping process, please join Telegram Official Group and ask admins for assistance or send an email (support@cocosbcx.io) for consultation. We will help you resolve the questions as soon as we can.


Cocos-BCX official designated mapping address is:


Please make sure to confirm multiple times when transferring COCOS!

Cocos-BCX official mapping DApp address: https://cocosmap.cocosbcx.net/

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