On September 20th,Cocos-BCX Co-founder Haozhi Chen is invited to ‘Together for Entrepreneur Conference’ in Xiamen

Under the guidance of the Xiamen Blockchain Association and the Blockchain Research Center of Xiamen University, the “Together for Entrepreneur Conference” hosted by Golden Finance will be held at the Swiss International Hotel Xiamen on September 20th. As a next-generation digital game economy platform, Cocos-BCX was invited to participate in this conference.

Under the haze of the turbulent epidemic, “entrepreneurship” has become a fascinating word, but forward-looking people with a keen sense of smell are often good at discovering opportunities in contrarian situations and running “acceleration” in a downturn. Based on this, the theme of this conference is “Contributing to Blockchain Entrepreneurship”. Entrepreneurs who have important or lasting influence in the blockchain field will be invited to take stock of the 2020 venture capital charm, focus on entrepreneurship, and explore future business leaders. The growth trajectory witnesses the birth of future leaders, also it contributes to blockchain entrepreneurship, and pays tribute to the reform participants standing at the forefront of entrepreneurship.

Cocos-BCX Co-founder Mr. Haozhi Chen will be invited to attend the conference as a guest, and will participate in the roundtable discussion on the theme of “DeFi Meditation: How far is it from the mainstream?” from 16:20–17:00 on September 20th.Entrepreneurs in the industry will exchange wisdom and ideas, bringing wonderful ideas to the participants, so stay tuned.

As a game public chain, Cocos-BCX recently proposed the purpose of a new pattern of COCOS≥NFT+DeFi+DApp, hoping to perfectly combine blockchain games with NFT and DeFi, and give full play to Cocos-BCX as a complete transaction function and product feature. to improve the role of the decentralized network, and finally realize the easier use of encrypted currency and blockchain technology. To this end, Cocos-BCX is currently conducting related research and development. You can follow the official information (Twitter:@CocosBCX Telegram: https://t.me/cocosbcxen)for the latest developments.

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