Operation Guide | How to Download Cocos-BCX Developer Wallet and Register an Account

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Currently, only common accounts can be registered through the mobile wallet provided on the official website, so some special account names may prompt errors.

The MainNet wallet is created directly, and it may prompt that some names cannot be created (currently the wallet client creates an account name freely, and creating some account names may not be supported). At this time, the technicians need to solve it according to the following process.

Step 1. Create Referrer Account and Give it Back to Referrer

Technician creates referrer account and gives it back to referrer

Step 2. Download Wallet

Go to


Download the available wallet binary file cli_wallet.tar.gz and unzip it.

Step 3. Run the Wallet

Enter the wallet directory and run the command

./cli_wallet — chain-id ‘6057d856c398875cac2650fe33caef3d5f6b403d184c5154abbff526ec1143c4’ -s wss: //api.cocosbcx.net

Connect to MainNet

Step 4. Set up the wallet

After connecting to the MainNet and entering the wallet, type the following commands in order:

1.set_password 123456 and then enter

2.unlock 123456 and then enter

Note: The first time you run the wallet, the prompt is “new >>”, and you can set password and unlock it following the above operation.

If it is not the first time to run the wallet, the prompt is “lock >>”, you only need to perform the second step to unlock it.

Step 5. Generate Public and Private keys of Account

Type command suggest_brain_key

The results are as follow

unlocked >>> suggest_brain_key




“wif_priv_key”: “5JgVXvBuEfU45YeiAvb9SDFagdo7HfWqGzyUNdqBqC4fjFAWvy1”,

“address_info”: “COCOSK5sL9FjY7NCQFMwqeuQ5JidYGXuMRupB1”,

“pub_key”: “COCOS6NkW1bTtXKSfovFsvSwxDRSRrkoVvdx5zXDQvyZ5aypQpviGfp”


Step 6. Register an Account

Type the command in the wallet

6.1)register_account The account name to be created、Account public key、Account public key、The referrer account name of the account to be created true

6.2)import_key The account name to be created、The private key of the referrer account to be created

Step 7. Appendix:

Official website binary wallet operation command:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to join Cocos-BCX official group and contact admins for help, we will solve your problems as soon as possible.

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