【Second Phase】Cocos-BCX MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentives Plan 3.0 Monthly Rankings for

Second Phase of Cocos-BCX MainNet Builders&Angels Incentives Plan 3.0 (For March 2021) contribution reports submission has finished, Cocos-BCX foundation has evaluated all submitted contribution reports and obtained the monthly ranking result. A total of 19 ecological Builders&Angels have submitted valid contribution reports.As a result,total of 8480 COCOS in this phase will be issued to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted valid contribution reports in accordance with their levels.

01 Evaluation and Ratings

According to Optimization of COCOS MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan 3.0, the average score of each report is obtained, then every ecological Builders&Angels are ranked according to the average score of each category. After this period of evaluation and rating ,a total of 8,480 NEW COCOS (Cocos-BCX Token)will be distributed to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted effective contribution reports in accordance with their grades and categories.

The following is a list of our Builders&Angels who have received ecological incentives (in no particular order in the same level).

Prize of 2000 COCOS Recipient(S):



Also kept the daily maintenance and bug fixing jobs of “Crypto Knights”; During testnet and official launches, ChainPlay and Cocos-BCX co-hosted airdrop activities,and distributed related rewards in time to players.

Prize of 600 COCOS Recipient(S):

Aiwen Community


Sri Lanka Community

Filipino Community

COCOS Arabic Community(Cryptoblarabi)

Prize of 300 COCOS Recipient(S):


COCOS Bharat Community


Prize of 100 COCOS Recipient(S):


Cocos-BCX Indonisea


COCOS Angel Community

Prize of 50 COCOS Recipient(S):




Prize of 30 COCOS Recipient(S):


02 Reconsideration

Deadline for reconsideration: May 3rd, 2021(UTC+8)

03 Reward distribution

04 Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan

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