The COCOS DApp — <Dragons Must Die> Internal Test Is Officially Launched

*Only Chinese version of <Dragons Must Die> internal test is launched. English version is coming soon, please stay tuned.

On June 4, <Dragons Must Die>, a place card blockchain game developed by ChainPlay team is going to launch on Cocos-BCX MainNet, and opens for testing from June 4 to June 11.

What is <Dragons Must Die>?

<Dragons Must Die> has a grand world waiting for you to explore. It has up to 500+ levels, 200+ monster types, more than 100 heroes not only have different occupations, but also divided into 6 camps. The rarest things in this game are light and dark camps, as well as tribes, brotherhoods, crusaders, and deserters camp, etc. One camp or a combination of multiple camps can stimulate bondage, generate additional resistance, and fully satisfy your desire for challenge and exploration.

<Dragons Must Die> supports offline hook-up cultivation, and you can get different “horns of abundance” through customs. Besides, it has all kinds of resources you want 24 hours per day.

In <Dragons Must Die>, one of the main components of assets is still heroes. You can get your favorite hero faster by drawing cards, in-game activities, and releasing various fragments. The value of the hero is affected by the growth rate, and the market value of the top hero is huge, so the hero can be cultivated through various methods. Of course, you can also sell the acquired heroes to other players on the exchange, and the system only charges a 5% processing fee.

However, we believe people like a variety of “brain burning” combat strategies, such as multiple mechanisms for each skill, multiplication principles, and endless changes; multiple skill mechanisms, such as changes in speed affect the order of act, tank-healing -Output professional positioning, control and anti-control, confrontation of attribute change; random maze, exploration challenge, super rewards; cross-service battlefield, show confrontation, strategy to win. <Dragon must die> is very good Meets the needs of players.

In addition, <Dragons Must Die> launches invitation mechanism simultaneously:

  • Referrers can earn a commission;
  • The commission is 5% of the recharges of your referees;
  • The more you invite, the more commission you earn.

In addition, we will delete files for this test, but we will compensate.

Here are the rules:

1. Users who recharge in this test will obtain USD items (virtual props inside the game) twice the recharges during the public beta;

2. Recharge over 20000 COCOS to get one artifact [hope] (the only way to obtain this artifact);

3. If the player is the top 20 of any of the three rankings, he/she will get a new artifact [stubborn] (max one for each account);

4. The top 50 players in the Crystal Arena leaderboard will also receive additional rewards:

a. 1st place will get 300 USD items, 100 designated UR fragments, 50 red exclusive artifact fragments;

b. 2nd place will get 200 USD items, 50 designated UR fragments, 50 UR fragments, 50 red exclusive artifact fragments;

c. 3rd place will receive 100 USD item, 50 designated UR fragments, and 50 red exclusive artifact fragments;

d. 4th to 10th places will get 50 USD items, 50 UR fragments, 50 orange artifact fragments;

e. 11th to 20th places will get 50 UR fragments, 50 purple artifact fragments

f. 21st to 50th places will get 50 SSR fragments

5. Notice!

Transaction fees between players will not be compensated! Please trade carefully.

<Dragons Must Die> Entrance:

1. Enter the official website ( or directly scan the QR code below to download and install the COCOS <Dragons Must Die> application;

  • Open CocosWallet and log into your MainNet account;
  • Open <Dragons Must Die> application, and authorize COCOS MainNet account;
  • Create a role;
  • Start the game.

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