The fourth batch of COCOS MainNet ecological Builders&Angels selected List

On December 12th,2019 ,Cocos-BCX MainNet was officially launched,and on March 24th,2020,COCOS MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive optimization 2.0 was released. We do hope that we can find excellent teams or individuals willing to promote and co-construct Cocos-BCX ecosystem from four aspects:Tools,Games,Communities and Contents,together we work to build a next generation video game economic platform.Recently,we have received massive applications from our partners at home and abroad to join the Cocos-BCX ecosystem and hoping to become an ecological Builders&Angels to help Cocos-BCX developed.

After communications and review,we officially announced the list of fourth batch ecological Builders&Angels selected for Cocos-BCX MainNet. A brief introduction. is as follows:


Unseen Magic is a game development company based in New York, USA, and its members have rich experience in chain game development. Past works include Encrypted Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Coin Navigation. Next, it will prepare to connect the existing game Navigation to the Cocos-BCX MainNet, open a Cocos-BCX community, and hold operational activities etc.


SWFT Blockchain is one of the world’s largest flash swap platforms, no registration is required for decentralized flash swaps. It now supports flash exchange and payment of more than 200 currencies. It is the world-renowned multi-currency payment wallet and the simplest flash exchange trading platform. It can provide multiple functions such as wallet, flash redemption, payment, loan, red pocket, transaction, group purchase, and mining for project parties.


Cocos-BCX FRANCE creates and maintains a French-speaking community for Cocos-BCX. The community leader is from Lyon, France, and has more than 3 years of community management experience. He also serves as the official French community administrator of an exchange. It stated that it will work hard to expand Cocos-BCX’s influence in France.

Cocos-BCX Filipino

Cocos-BCX Filipino creates and maintains the Filipino community for Cocos-BCX. The team members are composed of Filipino KOLs from the crypto industry. The community leader has 3 years of marketing experience and is also a professional community manager. He said that it is a great honor to join the Cocos-BCX mainnet ecosystem partner. The team will expand Cocos-BCX’s community and market in the Philippines and provide brand awareness.


Cocos-BCX Bharatin is composed of a content team from India. Members have extensive experience in community management and content publicity. They will focus on providing Cocos-BCX with India’s growth and expansion, as well as various activities.

Above is a brief introduction to the selected list. If you have any questions about the above content, please contact customer service Telegram @alannahgoo. In addition, we originally planned to conduct three phases of the MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan (early April 2020- At the end of September) is about to expire. Please pay attention to official information for specific later implementation.

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