The Metaverse in Cocos-BCX “Virtual City-State” version , NFT VR and other technologies will be mixed to construct the next-generation game landscape

In March, the concept of Metaverse was triggered. Roblox was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its market value reached 38 billion U.S. dollars on the first day of listing. Later, MetaApp announced the strategic completion of a series of events such as the completion of a $100 million Series C financing.

Earlier, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus was regarded as “paying for the future”, and analysing Tencent’s strategies were also aiming the target of “Metaverse”, including miHoYo who launched “Original God Project (原神Project)/Genshin Selevents” and Lilith Games who launched “AFK Arena” are both taking the same aim, miHoYo’s announced vision is to create a virtual world in which one billion people around the world are willing to live in 2030.

If “Ready Player One” is one of the manifestations of the Metaverse, then perhaps we can analyze some of the elements needed to realize the metaverse: servers with high concurrent processing capabilities, engines that provide sufficient visual effects, props with clear ownership, etc. .

Somehow, it shows accumulation direction and realization form of the game industry, which keys in the “Virtual City-State” proposed by Cocos-BCX.


In May 2019, Cocos-BCX shared the following views in a Media interview:

“If the blockchain and cloud games are combined, we can see a world: 1 million people live in the same virtual scene, and the ownership of each item is exact, which will make that world more solid and ‘Reality’ felt.The exactness of props is an important prerequisite for large-scale games not to collapse and economic activity to flourish.In this way, blockchain will be integrated into the future game world.”

At that time, Cocos-BCX shared the idea of ​​this “Virtual City-State” version of metaverse with blockchain and NFT as the access point. The logic at that time was based on the changes in “infrastructure” and “business logic”.

In infrastructure, the game industry has changed from PC platforms to mobile phones to virtual glasses; the Internet has changed from telephone lines to optical fibers; and mobile phone networks have changed from 3G to 5G. This type of hardware and network changes are changes in infrastructure;

In business logic,for console games, game dealers sell games in sets; for cyber games, players can download directly from the Internet, and there are two main forms of payments:payment by card and payment by props; in mobile games, players can buy different heroes or buy tokens(gold coins);and then to WeChat,app games are more inclined to the advertising model, as long as you watch the advertisements, you can get some income in the game.

When the blockchain technology matures and NFT became popular, the return of player assets will enhance the effectiveness of socialization and play in the game, and gain value while referring your friends.

What’s more, in the process of playing the game, players can also participate in and reflect somehow decision-making and construction of the game.


Cocos-BCX “Virtual City-State” version of metaverse is based on blockchain technology such as NFT etc..

Based on the BCX-NHAS-1808 (COCOS-1808) standard proposed and maintained by Cocos-BCX, Cocos-BCX has successfully provided ChinaJoyPlus with more than 1.2 million NFT tickets, helping to realize ChinaJoy’s first online exhibition.

In the white paper of Cocos-BCX, a concept called “Blacksmith Shop” is mentioned. The essence of “Blacksmith Shop” is a series of accounts or contracts with props and equipment production permissions, as one of the core functions of all game worlds. The blacksmith shop can be managed by the game makers, or by the player’s union or developers.

Players can synthesize tokens(gold coins) and materials into props through the smithy (or directly purchase props). The process of creating props in the blacksmith shop is open and transparent, and is unique like other props in the game, and can be retrieved and queried from the blockchain browser.

This concept is also cited by Tencent Research Institute’s “Industrial Blockchain”:

Blacksmith shop has following features:

1)An account or a set of contracts with props and equipment production permissions;

2)The blacksmith shop is an independent prop output point besides the game;

3)The props of the blacksmith shop are unique;

4)Prop generation, setting prop properties, changing prop ownership to users, etc. are combined into one atomic operation;

5)Blacksmith shop is managed under Worldview committee (consisted of Game Makers,Players’ Union,Developers)

Cocos-BCX allows the blacksmith shop to authorize the production rights of props under the worldview. For example, the Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory (约束された胜利の剣エクスカリバー)can have a version of Arthur’s legendary worldview, or a version of TYPE MOON worldview. The two can circulate across works in their respective worlds, and use the homogeneous assets of a unified worldview to carry out assets under that worldview circulation standards.

This series of settings can also make sure the true and uniqueness of the “Three Keys” in “Ready Player One”.


Just for your information,some of our Cocos-BCX team members were from Cocos engine, one of the world’s Top three largest game engines.

The Cocos engine now has 1.4 million registered developers worldwide and 300,000 monthly active developers in more than 203 countries and regions globally, covering more than 1.1 billion player devices. Games developed with Cocos engine covered all categories in the market, splited 45% of the mobile game market in China and 30% of the global market.

Although the brilliance of the Cocos engine is not equal to the brilliance of Cocos-BCX, the foundation of the team’s origin will somewhat add more possibilities to the metaverse in the Cocos-BCX “Virtual City-State” version.

In a recent article titled “Game Engine Team Achievements on Chain Games and NFT in the Blockchain Industry”, we can find that the Cocos-BCX team has been constantly accomplishing achievements since the establishment of the project in 2017, and its NFT accumulation has also showed an upward trend.

Whether it is the cooperation with ChinaJoy mentioned above, or the successful game asset traversal — the “traversal” of game assets between the two games “Game Dev Story” and CocosShooting, or during 2021 Chinese New Year, Cocos-BCX has reached cooperation with BSC, DEGO, Math Wallet, etc. On the occasion of Chinese New Year in February, a series of activities including NFT Five Fortunes collection bonus pool,NFT Blindbox opening, NFT Mining,Whitelist Positions Airdrops and Online Referral Program etc. were launched, we are pleased to see that more functions have been accomplished which can be achieved based on BCX-NHAS-1808.

According to official articles, Cocos-BCX will soon launch NFT conceptized games and Layer2 conceptized games on BSC.

According to insiders, the Cocos-BCX team members also have VR concepts involved in upcoming games.

At the end,quoting some contents from a media interview to Cocos-BCX:

“Any product is a complex. It is not a problem that can be solved by a so-called one trick, but it must integrate various technologies and ideas”;

“Technology ultimately serves the product, and the product ultimately serves the needs of users. It is impossible to rely on blockchain technology alone. However, blockchain and other technologies together will form the landscape of the next generation of games. This idea is very tempting, and it is worth our continuous experiment and hard work.”



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