The XPet is officially launched on Cocos-BCX MainNet

Only Chinese version of <Dragons Must Die> internal test is launched. English version is coming soon, please stay tuned.

The strategy battle RPG game XPet developed by one of the Buidler of Cocos-BCX MainNet ecology — — XPET, is officially launched on June 11th on the Cocos-BCX MainNet. Players can enter the game through the CocosWallet or DAPPX, and follow the instructions to earn some rewards to start the XPet journey.

Let’s take a look at the gameplay.

The XPet is an RPG game with the theme of Eastern Cultivation of Immortals. Players can practice their little pets and continue to challenge more difficult copies, strengthen equipment, cultivate magic weapons, and powerful little pets can win high prizes through the PVP arena. The battle system of XPet has manual files and automatic files for players to choose from. In manual operation, there are more than 1,000 kinds of strategies and magic weapons, which bring players a rich combination of strategies and exciting battle satisfaction.

DIY Pets Training Direction

Unlike the traditional RPG fixed hero type, the direction of the cultivation of small pets in the XPet is completely DIY controlled by the player. Players can create their ideal small pets by freely assigning pet upgrade points, combining skill books and equipment types, such as power sensitive beasts, magic tolerated beasts, sensitive tolerated beasts, and other types. Players can also use the wash point function to correct the direction of pet cultivation.

The demon refining system provides players with a wealth of pet training functions. Players can create the perfect pet by refining, devouring, and merging.

Equipment Strengthening Forging System

The equipment of the XPet is all produced from the copy. Different copies have different levels of equipment. Players can strengthen and forge equipment in the Yin and Yang mirrors, and they can also refine the equipment through the fire ball, which can change the attributes of the equipment and values.

Magic Weapon Forging System

The magic weapon is one of the core gameplay of the game. There are more than 30 magic weapons to choose from. Players can obtain the magic weapon by purchasing it directly from the mall or grabbing the magic weapon from the Celestial Treasury. Upgrading the magic weapon can strengthen the attributes and by reversing the seven-star attributes, you can create your ideal magic weapon. The combination of magic weapons will play a very important role in the player’s PVP battle.

Copy and PVP System

Players unlock the higher difficulty copies by increasing the level of the monster. The materials and equipment produced by each copy and the experience gained by the monster are different.

The PVP arena is divided into regular games and ladder games. The regular games have a fixed prize pool. Every 7 days is a round of regular games, and the top 16 can get bonuses. The ladder game cycle is 1 quarter, and the top players can receive rewards such as honor badges and season skins.

Faction System

Players can join powerful gangs. Completing faction tasks can get corresponding rewards and improve the ability to master pet equipment. There are faction exclusive skins in the mall, items needed for quests, etc. XPET 2.0 will add faction and national war modes.

Mall System

Officially sold skins, magic weapons, and items and equipment produced by players through the game, including players’ pets, can be freely traded and circulated in the mall.

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