【Third Phase】Cocos-BCX MainNet Buidlers & Angels Rankings

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The third phase (August to September) of the Cocos-BCX MainNet ecological Builders&Angels’ contribution report submission has been completed. The Cocos-BCX Foundation has evaluated all submitted contribution reports and obtained preliminary ratings. There are 29 ecological Builders&Angels submitted a valid contribution report. In this period, a total of 87.7 million Cocos-BCX Tokens will be issued to ecological Builders&Angels’who have submitted effective contribution reports in accordance with their levels.

We will announce the new Cocos-BCX Global MainNet Ecological Builders &Angels’ Incentive Program 3.0 at the end of October, and will fully expand overseas communities, including but not limited to four aspects including tools, games, communities and contents.

01 Evaluation and Ratings

Cocos-BCX completed the Phase 3 MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels’ Contribution Report on October 12th, 2020. Subsequently, the Cocos-BCX Foundation conducted an independent evaluation of the contribution reports of the MainNet ecological Builders&Angels.

According to COCOS MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels’ Incentive Optimization 2.0, the average score of each report is obtained, and then the ecological Builders&Angels are ranked according to the average score of each category. Through more than a week of discussion and evaluation, it is concluded that in this period of contribution award selection, a total of four ecological Builders&Angels have been rated as the first level and received the highest reward. Each first-level ecological Builders&Angels will receive 8 million COCOS contributions reward. A total of 87.7 million COCOS in this period will be distributed to ecological Builders&Angels who have submitted effective contribution reports in accordance with their grades and categories.

The following is a list of our Builders&Angels who have received ecological incentives (in no particular order in each level).

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In order to achieve openness and transparency, we divided this part into multiple levels of the contributions made by the MainNet ecological Builders &Angels and simply subdivided them:

Level 1

Prior to this, DAPPX developed and launched the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological CROSWAP platform, with relatively complete functions and smooth products; CROSWAP innovatively uses NFT as a liquidity certificate, and supports decomposition and synthesis; supports created transaction pairs for currency exchange. The exchange supports the injection of liquidity or redemption of liquidity for the created trading pairs, as well as the creation of new trading pairs; in addition, it provides chain reform services for the games “Texas Cowboy” and “Pokemon Master 3D”, gradually accepting testing and launching; As a whole, it has made great contributions to the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem.

CROSWAP Official Website : http://croswap.com


Prior to this, BOOM.GAME completed the following events: developed and launched the first liquid mining project CFS in the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem; linked with CROSWAP to use NFT as a collateral for mining, and also supports COCOS single mining; CFS innovatively proposed leveraged mining, which can manually set the handling fee.For every 1% of the handling fee,the pledge amount can be increased by 10 times, and the mining weight can be increased by up to 50 times; the online pledge of CFS dividend distribution fee function, user participation method is diversified.As a whole, it has made important contributions to the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem.

CFS Official Website



During the entire contribution period, IMCOCOS launched the COCOS wallet function (Android version) and optimized the family loading asset list and solved multiple problems; fingerprint verification is supported; the whitelist is automatically turned on; COCOS wallets can be quickly created/introduced, and users can play DAppit in IMCOCOS! Participated in the MainNet proxy voting and launch voting dividend activities,being very actived in the community, promoted the progress of the COCOS routine, and gave fair reasonable feedbacks; conducted community content dissemination and public opinion support many times.

Blockchain SL:

As an overseas ecological Builders&Angels, Blockchain SL created, maintains and activated the Sri Lankan community for Cocos-BCX. The Cocos-BCX AMA was conducted in the Binance Sri Lanka community this time, and the original posters and videos were created for secondary dissemination in the community. Translated and forwarded official articles to the Telegram community in a timely and comprehensive manner, making an important contribution to expanding the influence of Cocos-BCX in Sri Lanka.

Level 2:


On this one, Cocos-Terminal adds two functions, specifically to ensure the terminal routine: when the main network is restored and the internal test network is established, a separate network connection function is provided, which is convenient for operation and maintenance and developers to analyze the data and data on the chain. The debugging function plays a key role in the rapid recovery and startup of the main network; a separate network connection function: how to keep the terminal interrupted and synchronize block data in time to ensure the main functions of the terminal during the failure period and keep the terminal basic maintenance normal.


As a famous Crypto overseas ecological Builders&Angels, Cryptoblarabi.com created, maintains, and actived Arab communities for Cocos-BCX. The effect is remarkable, the community base is interactive, and the KOL activity is high-impact: Spontaneously published more than 10 Cocos-BCX related reports and over 150 of comments on the official website; timely and comprehensively translate and forward official articles to the Telegram community, and regularly maintain and manage Cocos-BCX content on the bitcoingarden platform.

Cocos Turkey (Coin-net):

As an overseas ecological Builders&Angels, Cocos Turkey (Coin-net), as an early influential media in Turkey, created, maintains and activated the Turkish community for Cocos-BCX, with significant effects, a large community base and a high degree of activity. In time, a community AMA will be held spontaneously, and community users will have a deeper understanding of Cocos-BCX. CocosTurkey has made important contributions to expanding Cocos-BCX’s influence in Turkey.

Philippine community :

As an overseas ecological Builders&Angels, the Philippine community creates and maintains the Philippine community for Cocos-BCX, forwards official content to the community in a timely manner, so that users know the official news as soon as possible; and actively outputs articles and posters in the Philippines language. The publicity of the company has broken through the positive effect; in addition, it maintains multiple high-quality platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and actively cooperates with the official management of overseas communities.


ChainPlay has been maintaining and updating the “Crypto Knights” for the Cocos-BCX MainNet, and achieved good results in the ecological drainage, retention and community activities of Cocos-BCX; with the launch of CROSWAP, LWT became the first token to provide liquidity; and CFS, KKKK cooperates with Shoot to support LWT’s LP liquidity mining;it has repeatedly cooperated with the official and other ecological Builders&Angels, in online airdrop activities; it has played a good role model for other teams who want to participate in the development of the Cocos-BCX chain.

Aiwen Community:

The internal users of the theme community are highly active and actively participated in COCOS related topic discussions; cooperated with IMCOCOS to carry out subsystem dividend activities, increased the enthusiasm of community users to vote, and promoted community users to participate in dividends, which has a better effect; promoted Cocos-BCX chain game wizard. , CFS, KKKK and CROSWAP, promoted the Cocos-BCX NFT creation tutorial and organized the spread of Cocos-BCX insider posts.

COCOS angel Community:

COCOS angel, as a spontaneous community that has always supported Cocos-BCX in the early stage, has high-quality community members and KOL energy transmission, supporting and promoting Cocos-BCX on multiple occasions; Conducted estimate for DeFi launching time and “DeFi mining tutorial” article forwarding activities, those activities are more influential.

Level 3:

Cocos Block:

The Cocos Block as the exclusive platform of the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, and 10 selected articles from the original articles that match the official dynamics and publish articles on the official account, Golden Finance, Cailu, Bihu, and Weibo multiple platforms at the same time; conducted community essays, and finally published 3 articles on the official account and 14 other platforms for better exposure; the official newsletter is synchronized in time; the community synchronize official content with moments in time.


HiCOCOS built and maintains the Cocos-BCX ecological exclusive blockchain Q&A community, allowing users to interact and communicate; platform interaction feedback went better; three original articles are more alternative, which have declared good effects on the Cocos-BCX DeFi ecosystem. In the past two months, the Aiwen community, HiCOCOS community, etc., using the HiCOCOS platform as the carrier, have launched activities about Cocos-BCX, attracted players to participate and brought positive energy to Cocos-BCX.

Level 4:

CocosABC :

CocosABC can be used normally, making it easy for users to query, confirm and verify the data that occurred on the Cocos-BCX chain; actively cooperate with this Cocos-BCX MainNet accident and fully support the restoration of the MainNet.


This publication, in addition to assisting in forwarding official content, supplied articles related to official contents, and distributed the output content to Bihu, Lichang, Jianshu, and Zhihu Enough content platforms. At the same time, it is also announced in the WeChat group, and articles are covered broader; each distributed platform has better interactive data feedback, which has a certain effect on the announcement of Cocos-BCX in the industry.


As a self-media team, GOGOC actively assisted in forwarding official multi-channel content; automatically replaced original content of multiple official articles, the amount of content is excessive, and the content quality is better; the replacement article is in Lichang, Bihu, Cailu, Today’s Headlines, Fulcrum. , Xiangbei , in which covers multiple platforms, and has been popular for long time, and had better feedback on some contents interactions, which has a good effect on the announcement of Cocos-BCX in the industry.

Level 5:

Blockchain Research Institute:

At this stage, the Blockchain Xixi Club completed the following events: It mainly participated in the first stage of the Cocos-BCX Ecological AMA, shared DeFi-related content as a guest, and promoted it on the official website and in the circle of friends to fully play the activity. Had a very positive effect; proactively help release multiple news.


It participates in the first phase of the Cocos-BCX Ecosystem AMA. As an observer group, asked questions to the guests, and actively carried out pre-event and post-event promotion, also published two articles after the end of the Ecosystem AMA as soon as possible. The articles are synchronized in DAppChaser,Official website, Babbitt, Bihu, Toutiao, Sina Weibo, Chain Router, Unitimes, Gyro Finance, Twitter, etc.; helped the official publication of articles, the community and the circle of friends to synchronize official content in time.

SSSnodes Super Node:

Synchronized the official content in its own community in time: Synchronized the official content and the content of some ecological Builders&Angels,on 5 platforms including Mars Finance, Bihu, Chain Node, Babbitt, and Golden Finance.


The XPET team maintains the Cocos-BCX MainNet development strategy battle RPG game “Monster World”, and users have experienced the Cocos-BCX chain game normally.

Gyro Game:

It participated in the first phase of the Cocos-BCX ecological AMA. As an observation group, helped to ask the guests questions. Gyro Games took advantage of its official website platform to reprint multiple Cocos-BCX official content and distributed them in Gyro Finance App, Block City App, Bikan App and other platforms.


In this journal, FanCOCOS published 5 original articles, mainly covering Hicocos, Bihu, Baijiahao and other platforms; the community and the circle of friends synchronized official content in time.

Level 6:

The Block World:

As an overseas ecological Builders&Angels, The Block World actively assists in official content announcements, and timely forwards official content to its own communities, telecommunications news channels, and official social media platforms and other multi-platform announcement coverage. Important news was announced to more influential Builders&Angels platforms to expand Cocos-BCX’s brand influence.

COCOS Indian (Indian Language Community)

It created and maintains an Indian language community for Cocos-BCX, and timely forward official information to the community. Also being fair actived in the community compared to last year, forwarded official articles timely and gave reasonable feedbacks, promoted the progress of the COCOS routine; conducted community content dissemination.

COCOS Bangladeshi(Bangladeshi Language COmmunity):

It creates and maintains a Bangladeshi community for Cocos-BCX. Also being fair actived in the community and official groups, forwarded official articles timely and gave reasonable feedbacks; conducted community content dissemination .

COCOS French(French Language Community):

It creates and maintains a French-speaking community for Cocos-BCX. Also being very actived in the community, forwarded official articles timely and gave reasonable feedbacks; conducted community content dissemination.

COCOS India:

It creates and maintains an Indian community for Cocos-BCX. forwarded official articles timely and gave reasonable feedbacks.

Level 7:


GBAC updated COCOS news into the graphene biweekly report, and assigned them to the official account and chain news; in addition to copying the articles to the content platform, they also covered the graphene ecosystem and the official group of Gongxinbao, with a wider community coverage;


HelloPool actively assists in the announcement of official content, forwarded the official content to its own community in a timely manner; published the original content, and announces coverage on WeChat official accounts, Weibo, Bihu, Biwen, and Chain Matrix. It can provide newsletter support.

02 Reconsideration

The Cocos-BCX Foundation adheres to the principle of fairness and justice. Ecological Builders&Angels who have any questions about the above ratings can reconsider. For the team that needs reconsideration, please please consult Alannah(TG ID:@alannahgoo) in Telegram groups and provide relevant evidence screenshots with detailed explanations.

. Deadline for reconsideration: October 29th, 2020(UTC+8)

03 Reward distribution

After the final rating results are announced, the Cocos-BCX Foundation will confirm the MainNet address to receive COCOS and receive rewards within one week.

. Special circumstances description:

For ecological Builders&Angels who have applied for a pledge from the Cocos-BCX Foundation, if someone does not get incentives, then the pledge interest for this period will be exempted.

04 COCOS MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan

Cocos-BCX officially launched the MainNet on December 12th, 2019(UTC+8), and released COCOS MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive optimization 2.0 on March 24th, 2020(UTC+8). After half a year (from the beginning of April to the end of September), a total of three phases of the MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan have expired. We will announce the new Cocos-BCX Global MainNet Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Plan 3.0 at the end of the month, which will be fully expanded overseas. The community, including but not limited to the four aspects of tools, games, community and content, such as market direction, personal community KOL, etc., will fully realize community autonomy and work together to build a game economy platform.

If you have any questions about the above content, please consult Alannah(TG ID:@alannahgoo) in Telegram groups.

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