Three Ways to Install Cocospay

Recently, Google Chrome, Firefox, and 360 have had issues that it takes too long to review Cocospay, so we recommend users download Cocospa by GitHub.

What is Cocospay?

CocosPay is the official browser extension wallet with all principal functions as a wallet and DApp call supported. Convenient and straightforward to use, it is now available for download in Google Chrome, Firefox, and 360.

Installation Guide

  • Open
  • Click [Clone or download] to download and unzip the compressed package named [CocosPay-master].
  • You will get folders [build-360], [build-chrome], and the compressed package [build-firefox] on the Desktop.

Install Cocospay to Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome to enter the extension address: chrome://extensions/, and switch the [developer mode] button in the upper right corner.
  • Click the [Load unpacked] button and select the packaged [build-chrome].
  • Installation finished.

Install Cocospay to Firefox

  • Installation finished.

Install Cocospay to 360

  • Click the [Manage] button in the upper right corner, and click [Manage].
  • Enter the [Extended Setting] page and click the [Advanced Setting] button.
  • Go to the [Extension Program] page, click [Load Uncompressed Extension Program] and switch [Developer Mode], select the [build-360] folder.
  • Installation finished.



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