To Fight Wuhan Coronavirus, Donations from Cocos-BCX Are on the Way!

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“Wuhan coronavirus” is coming menacingly! On January 23, 2020, Wuhan, China, with a population of 14 million, announced its closure. After the closure of the city, public transportation keeps suspended, medical supplies keeps scarce, medical staff keeps exhausted.The central city of Wuhan announced that the ban on motor vehicles was partially lifted …

For the Chinese, every year families sit neatly together for a reunion dinner.Every citizens are happy to watch the festival of the Spring Festival Gala;

In this year’s Spring Festival, the Chinese people are bothered by Wuhan coronavirus.

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Hubei Province is particularly affected. A party in trouble, assistance comes from! . Although this province has encountered temporary difficulties, the whole world is fighting with you! Major institutions and non-governmental organizations have voluntarily donated to help fight Wuhan coronavirus.

Cocos-BCX is also active. According to Jan. 23, member of the National Expert Committee of the National High Commission for Health and Academician Li Lanjuan, a well-known infectious disease expert in China, said in an interview with the media that medical personnel need to wear protective goggles for direct contact with fever patients. If the general public is not hospitalized and does not contact patients with new pneumonia, goggles are not needed to a large extent, and masks can be used for protection. Therefore, Cocos-BCX strives to use global resources, actively seeks formal suppliers, and donates more than 1,000 goggles to Hubei in the first batch.

At the same time, Cocos-BCX also hopes that everyone will take good protective measures to protect their families and themselves. No matter how complicated the situation is, as long as society is fully mobilized,Wuhan coronavirus can be controlled. So what is needed now is not to panic, but to act resolutely, mobilize one’s sense of responsibility, and truly achieve consensus in the face of the epidemic. Cocos-BCX is with you!

The second batch of materials is also in preparation (expect to purchase 50,000 medical masks from overseas). At the same time, all partners and communities are welcome to join us, providing financial and material donations and other measures that can help areas with severe epidemics, and we all contribute to fighting Wuhan coronavirus. In the end, we will announce the behavior of providing help on the official Cocos-BCX channel and provide relevant supporting documents.

We will continue to follow the epidemic situation in China. If you would like to provide any help, please contact Alvin via Telegram (Alvintheone).

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