Updates of the COCOS Buyback (20)

On April 29, Cocos-BCX officially announced to conduct the COCOS buyback from the secondary market because hacker maliciously attacked one of the Cocos-BCX swap wallet which occurred asset loss. Besides, the progress of the COCOS buyback will be upgraded daily in official channels from April 30, 2020. From now on, 1,087,522,819.2 stolen COCOS will be bought back from the secondary market.

Here is the specific buyback information from today:

Balance of the buyback account: 1,088,736,973.1

Cutoff time: 12 noon (UTC+8) everyday.

From 12 noon on May 18 to 12 noon on May 19, Cocos-BCX foundation has bought 101,514,862.9 COCOS back from the secondary market. As of today, Cocos-BCX has already repurchased 1,087,522,819.2 COCOS from the secondary market and has over purchased 1,214,153.9 COCOS.

Cocos-BCX foundation

May 19, 2020



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